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Are Lil Baby and Saweetie Together? Quavo and Jayda Respond



Saweetie's Ex Boyfriend Quavo and Alleged Boyfriend Lil Baby. Source: @maurissamaria1 Pinterest

Social media is on fire as rumors have been swirling of famous Atlanta rapper Lil Baby and “Icy Girl” Saweetie being an item.

Baby’s Steep Shopping Spree

The rumors started with a Hollywood Unlocked report on Friday (Nov 26). The report claimed the ‘Drip too Hard’ artist spent “nearly $100,000” on Saweetie during a steamy NYC shopping spree. The source allegedly has store footage showing the two on the town, but such footage has not been released.

Speculation continued into the following day when Lil Baby took to Instagram to seemingly address the gossip and confirm his single relationship status, accompanied by an annoyed-face emoji. “Baby not dating NO ONE !! I’m single !” typed the 26-year-old rapper. The tweet is now deleted from his Twitter page after garnering even more attention to the pair.

Are Lil Baby and Saweetie Together? Quavo and Jayda Respond

The screenshot of Lil Baby’s removed tweet. Source: Twitter

Saweetie and Lil Baby Break The Internet

Grammy-nominated artist Saweetie set the internet ablaze on Sunday. She posted a series of photos on Instagram captioned “icy dump❄️✨‍♀️✨” with a large display of flowers. Later on, the West Coast rapper posted an Insta story, where she sits on an unconfirmed lap. While the face wasn’t visible, the man’s pant leg and boot clearly were.

Social media detectives and fans went to work finding the mysterious man in the photo and quickly came to a conclusion: Lil Baby. This remains unconfirmed, but people are now running with the story.

The black combat boots and cargo pants in the photo Saweetie posted are strikingly similar to an outfit worn by Lil Baby. Baby posted on his Instagram story while shopping at the Celine store on Nov 18. It’s unclear when exactly the photos in Saweetie’s compilation were taken. Still, the flick has since been deleted from her Instagram page.

Quavo Reacts

People are buzzing after another rapper evidently threw in their two cents. Late at night Sunday, Quavo of The Migos posted a subliminal message on his IG story. The caption read: “Ain’t trippin we can swap it out! #QCTheLabel.” The caption seems to address the dating talk between Saweetie and Lil Baby.

For context, Quavo and Saweetie dated for about 3 years before their break-up in March this year. Quavo and Lil Baby are both signed to Quality Control Music under CEO Pierre “P” Thomas and feature on songs together like ‘Lose It’ and ‘CHILLS.’

Jayda Cheaves later liked The Shade Room’s post below. Jayda is also the mother of Lil Baby’s son.

Are Lil Baby and Saweetie Together? Quavo and Jayda Respond

The Shade Room post, which Jayda liked. Source: The Shade Room

Quavo’s sister, Kashara Marshall (@migo_shara), joined the fray after posting a photo of Jayda Cheaves with no caption on her Instagram story.

The Aftermath

The following day (Nov 29.) Jayda responded to the controversy on her own Instagram story. The background is a screenshot of her name trending on Twitter. The caption reads: “I ain’t even do bun,” meaning she didn’t do anything for her name to be trending.

Meanwhile, Baby followed up with yet another speedy post-and-delete. “Bitches really be weird !!” He tweeted. The Atlanta native doubled down, stating: “If you want clout use BABY.”

Are Lil Baby and Saweetie Together? Quavo and Jayda Respond

The screenshots of removed Lil Baby’s tweets. Source:

Some believe Saweetie responded to the denial with a cryptic tweet saying she’s “BUILT TO LAST.”

Jayda Clears Her Name

On Tuesday (Nov 30), late in the afternoon, Jayda went live on Instagram to officially put the rumors of her dating Quavo to rest. “I don’t indulge in lame activities like that,” the 23-year-old internet star said. This comes after days worth of rumors, reactions, and Twitter memes concerning a possible love triangle between Jayda, Baby, and Saweetie.

See some reactions to Lil Baby being the rumored mystery man and Quavo’s apparent response below:

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