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Artificial Intelligence And Hip Hop Come Together As Virtual Rapper FN Meka Signs With Major Label



Artificial Intelligence and Hip Hop
Image via HipHopDX

Artificial intelligence and hip hop have come together to produce a new artist. Virtual rapper FN Meka has signed with a major label and we can be sure to expect some major things soon.

How Artificial Intelligence And Hip Hop Created FN Meka

According to recent articles that came out on August 17 the AI-powered rapper signed a deal with Capitol Records. The first single from the artist was also dropped. “Florida Water” features rapper Gunna and gamer Clix. The “robo rapper” was created by Anthony Martini and Brandon Le of Factory New. And the duo were the first to “sign” the rapper. According to the creators the rapper’s voice is in fact a real human. But everything else is designed through artificial intelligence technology. This includes his lyrics, chords, and the tempo of his music.

The AI-powered rapper’s fanbase has multiplied quickly. Gaining over 10 million followers on TikTok and over a billion views on video-sharing platforms in just one year. One of the draws of FN Meka’s TikTok account is the fact he invites fans into his virtual world. Which includes jumbo Bugatti jets, Maybach helicopters, and machines that turn simple ice into diamond watches.

The AI technology seems to be working because on his recently release single Meka’s flow and lines are smooth. The song includes lines like “Oh just put on my tab/I don’t see the prices, throw it in my bag.” And “Clean water VVS diamonds bust down/Make it splash.”

As for the Capitol Records execs, they see artificial technology and hip hop coming together as the logical next step. Since tech plays such a major role in so many other industries. Ryan Ruden, Capitol Music Group’s Executive VP of Experiential Marketing & Biz Development says the partnership with FN Meka is the future of music. And that it is just a “preview” of what the future holds.

It will be interesting to see how FN Meka’s concerts happen!

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