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Ashanti Skips Murder Inc. Show And Talks About Why She Decided To Rerecord Her Debut Album



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Ashanti skips Murder Inc. Show and will continue doing her. She made that perfectly clear in an interview recently. When asked about an upcoming docuseries on her former label her position on the matter was strong.

Ashanti Skips Murder Inc. Show And Doesn’t Seem To Care

The “Foolish” singer has made it clear that she is moving forward and not looking back. She has left Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. in the rearview. There is an upcoming “Murder Inc.” docuseries and when she was asked whether or not she would be present she laughed out loud. And so did her “momager” Tina Douglas.

In even more of an effort to close the “Murder Inc.” chapter of her career. Ashanti has decided to rerecord her self-titled debut album. She told “The Breakfast Club” that she is unapologetically rerecording it in order to collect the royalties she deserves. But that she didn’t get from her “Murder Inc.” deal. At the same time, she reassured her fans that the album’s overall vibe won’t change, but she will insert a few changes they will hopefully enjoy. “It’s not necessarily changing the vibe, but kinda just injecting something new, sonically, into it.”

Now clearly Ashanti doesn’t care what Gotti has to say. But the co-founder of her previous label is not happy with her decision. Shortly after the singer made her announcement he took to Instagram, saying that he not only produced the album, but he owns the masters. And that she is trying screw him out of his money. “It’s f***** up. But such is life.”

It looks like it’s going to be left up to the fans to decide which album is better!

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