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Authorities arrest FTN Bae



FTN Bae Arrest Doodie Lo Restraining Order
FTN Bae's mugshot. Image source: The Shade Room.

Authorities are arresting FTN Bae for stalking Doodie Lo, her ex. FTN Bae is reportedly in violation of the restraining order Doodie Lo successfully filed against her.


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The Horrifying Story Of FTN Bae & Doodie Lo

On February 25, 2022, authorities said FTN Bae violated her restraining order for harassing Doodie Lo. Court documents also reveal that her charges include aggravated stalking after an injunction for protection and aggravated stalking-dating violence. Ariel E. Mitchell is a lawyer defending Doodie Lo who says that the artist is suffering from a delusional obsession.

He says FTN Bae has a restraining order against her due to this. She is accusing Doodie Lo of sodomizing her son with a screw. She alleges he’s been denying this since he did this last October. On an Instagram post, FTN Bae is saying: “You talking & playing games but you still ain’t post your results?” she wrote about the lie detector test. Prove it. I’ve never seen the results. I was manipulated and threatened to make that stupid video.”

Lawyer Ariel E. Mitchell has also been defending his client Doodie Lo, saying: “I understand that Ms. Elder has been saying that the results of Mr. Saulsberry’s assessment were the product of some kind of bribe. Either monetary or other material compensation. She alleges that the procedure administered to him was different than the procedure administered to her. None of these allegations are true, nor do they have any basis in reality. The results of both assessments were based on the data collected and were not the product of any other promises or any compensation. Both Ms. Elder and Mr. Sulsberry paid the appropriate fee for her/his assessment in advance as clients are told ‘NO ONE buys a test.”

FTN Bae says on her Instagram that “I’m willing to die.”

Written by Tobin Kaplan

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