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FM Interviews: BOA QG About “Been Gone” Single, Mixtape In The Works, Working With Quality Control



BOA QG About Works, Quality Control

BOA QG’s recent rise has been swift yet consistent. The release of “Voodoo” in April 2022 has brought the Quality Control artist tons of attention, with the song’s music video eventually reaching almost 18.000.000 views on YouTube and The Game ending up remixing QG’s hit single on his “Drillmatic – Heart vs. Mind” album.

“Been Gone”

QG has also just released the new “Been Gone” single and music video. The clip shows different facets of a romantic relationship, and while there’s no general plot line, it still tells a story.

“The message that I was just trying to send [with the song],” BOA QG says. “It’d be a lot of people that’s not with you from the jump, from the start, and then once they see what you do, they’d be like calling your phone and trying to get in good with you and stuff like that. And the message is just like to keep going no matter what. Nobody tell you those same people will be coming around hitting your line, and you won’t have time. Don’t stop for nothing, and keep going.”

BOA QG and BCM Steel, who have shot the music video, also plan to work more in the future. “We actually got stuff up and coming for more music videos,” QG says. “And I’m having [BCM Steel] around a lot more in my personal life, so he could just get the behind-the-scenes of sessions.”


BOA QG is also working on his upcoming “3teen” mixtape. The reason it’s called “3teen” is, according to QG, “because that’s when I basically hopped off the porch if you understand what I’m saying. That’s when I had to become a man at that age. That’s when I was an adult. I was in the streets. I stopped staying with my parents at the age of 13.”

The mixtape will have “a lot of melodic vibes on there. Like a lot of melodic vibe. It’s going to be some R&B vibes, and it’s gonna be a few Soulful vibes in there.” BOA QG also says, “I really didn’t want to put any collaborations because this was my first ever mixtape ever in my life dropping. But I did put Ed Dolo on the tape.”

Moving on, the artist has many plans and aspirations. “I’m going to just keep pushing for it on the mixtape. And really hitting the road again,” BOA QG says. “And then after that, I’m getting ready for my album. I’m actually already getting my album ready.”

Quality Control

BOA QG says he started working with Quality Control “a little bit over a year and a half ago. Around the time I was going viral and stuff on TikTok, by beating and rapping, doing acapella songs and stuff like that.”

“A lot of labels was reaching out, QG says. “But once [Quality Control] hit me up, that’s my dream label since I was a kid. And when I linked with QC, everything was what I thought it was. So it was a done deal from there. So that’s how I got with one of the greatest labels in The South.”

In Conclusion

The main message BOA QG is trying to send is “that you could do anything and change is okay. Like I said, at one point in time, I was real heavy in the streets, but once I got really into my music, I decided changing and I seen life at a different point of view. So, my message for my fans is that you could do anything. Don’t never stop, don’t never let nobody discourage you. And the main message that I’m trying to send is healing. You know what I’m saying? Healing and progression and moving on and going to the next level.”

Also, for those wondering, BOA stands for “Brothers Over Anybody.”

Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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