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Bobby Shmurda Slams Epic Records: “I Still Feel Like I’m in Prison”



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Bobby Shmurda became a viral sensation in 2014 with ‘Hot N-gga’ and has maintained a loyal fanbase ever since.

The New York rapper is considered a trailblazer in the Brooklyn drill scene and has earned the respect of fellow musicians and listeners alike. He recently finished a six-year stint in the Clinton Correctional Facility in February last year for conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and drug and gun possession(Feb. 23).

What’s wrong with Bobby?

Fans expected an abundance of new music from Shmurda following his release. However, he’s been relatively quiet in the past year outside of a few singles. Many attributed this behavior to losing interest in music after his time in prison, but now Shmurda is revealing some major issues with his record label Epic Records.

The ‘Schmoney’ rapper took to Instagram earlier in the week (Feb. 10) to rant about his label and CEO Sylvia Rhône. The now-deleted post reads:

“I got a 70-year-old lady running my label, And I love her dearly but [she] doesn’t want to let me go at allllllllllll no Matter what I do I’ve been [signed] to them since I was 19 I did six years in jail trying to get off this label before I came home”

He continues voicing his displeasure with Epic Records, citing the large amount of profit they’ve made off his name since his 2014 conviction. “You name one person in the industry a label keeps signed in jail for six years????? Yeah ik ik I made them more millions than they ever gave me!!! Just let me gooo.”

In the caption, he expounded more on his feelings towards the record label which also houses talent like Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, and 21 Savage. “This is not a cry for help, this is a message and understanding for my fans that they stopping my music and prolonging my career” he explained. “I been holding s—- down doing everything on my own since I been home it’s been ah year now I still feel like I’m in prison. and by the way the album’s done ready to live pleaseeeeeeeee I need them to let me gooooooooo!!!”

He ended the rant with #FreeShmurda, the same tag used by fans during his time in prison. It seems his comparison to prison time and the corresponding hashtag are no coincidence.

The public reacts

Reactions from social media were mixed. Some sympathized with his plight and suggested reaching out to Jay-Z for help. Jay is well known for getting artists like Megan Thee Stallion out of restrictive recording contracts. On the other hand, many were not moved by Bobby’s plea. Artists feeling stuck with their record label is no new phenomenon, and slowly the trend is moving towards artists like Chance The Rapper staunchly maintaining their independence.

Hopefully, Bobby Shmurda can work it out with his label and make music on his own terms. He’s certainly earned it.


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