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Book of Clarence Starring LaKeith Stanfield Headed To The Big Screen



Everyone loves a good movie, especially an original one. A new and unique cinematic experience, “Book of Clarence,” featuring LaKeith Stanfield, will soon grace theaters near you. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting film.

On LaKeith Stanfield

LaKeith Stanfield has undeniably emerged as a standout figure in Hollywood, earning his reputation as a must-watch talent. Many first recognized Stanfield through his breakout performances in the series “Atlanta,” where he collaborated with Childish Gambino. But he’s also left an indelible mark in various film projects, from “Straight Outta Compton,” “The Purge,” “Selma,” “Dope,” “Get Out,” “Death Note,” “Sorry to Bother You,” “Uncut Gems,” “Knives Out,” “Judas and the Black Messiah,” “The Harder They Fall,” to the 2023 feature film “Haunted Mansion.”

One look at his extensive filmography makes it impossible to ignore his remarkable talent. No matter what character shoes he fills, big or small, he stretches them to his size. Without a doubt, he slays every role. Now, fans of LaKeith have another reason to celebrate as he steps into the role of Clarence in the upcoming film “The Book of Clarence.”

Book of Clarence

This is a film that may be different from what everyone expects. “The Book of Clarence” is a piece with a biblical slant. The story transports viewers to 33 AD and introduces them to Clarence, a character driven by ambitions intertwined with faith and personal gain. As Blexmedia notes,

“The Book of Clarence centers around its title character (Stanfield), a man inspired to become the next Messiah for personal gain. But his journey turns out to be a bigger exploration of faith and loyalty than he could have imagined.”

Fundamentally, Clarence sets his sights on joining the apostles, driven by his fascination with their status and position.

Audiences will accompany Clarence on his quest, witnessing how he attempts to fulfill his vision while encountering significant lessons. Despite initially harboring doubt about the Messiah, Clarence is compelled to search for and discover his faith as the story unfolds. This narrative promises to offer a thought-provoking and spiritually resonant experience for viewers.

Who’s Behind the Book of Clarence

While Stanfield’s name is enough to earn the investment of many moviegoers, there is so much more to be excited about. “The Book of Clarence” reunites some of the creative team behind the successful feature “The Harder They Fall.” Jeymes Samuel, who directed “The Harder They Fall,” will be at the helm of “The Book of Clarence,” ensuring a consistent and compelling directorial vision. Additionally, Jay Z, who produced “The Harder They Fall,” is set to return as a producer for this project, adding further anticipation to the film.

Fans of Stanfield will also be delighted to hear that RJ Cyler, a co-star from “The Harder They Fall,” is also part of the cast. This reunion of talent from a well-received film like “The Harder They Fall” suggests that “The Book of Clarence” will be a movie undeniably rich and one viewers will not want to miss.

Other Amazing Cast Members

The film also boasts a superb supporting cast, some of the best in the industry. Of those mentioned is Teyana Taylor, who made a splash in “A Thousand and One” and “Coming to America 2.” David Oyelowo, as seen in “Selma “and “The Waterman,” will add his talents. Alfre Woodard, known for projects “The Porter” and “Twelve Years a Slave,” will join the ensemble. Benedict Cumberbatch, the title character in “Dr. Strange” and “The Hobbit,” will also be aboard. Omar Sy from “Jurassic World and Transformers” will bring his acting chops. James McAvoy, who appears in “Split” and “Transformers,” will also participate. And Micheal Ward from “Empire of Light” and “Top Boy.” And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Theatrical Release Date

There is no way to explain how intriguing this feature is shaping up to be. However, the wait will be slightly longer as “The Book of Clarence” is expected to be released in the new year. So, if this is enough to entice the appetite, mark your calendars for January 12, 2024.

Written By: Renae Richardson

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