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Brandy Reacts to Ray J’s Viral Verzuz Performance



Brandy Ray J Verzuz Reaction Appears
Image source: 'TVONE URBAN ONE HONORS Chance The Rapper, Brandy & Ray J, Miss J. Alexander & More Reveal Their Dreams For The Next Generation' Jan 20, 2020.

Ray J has become an overnight meme after his rough rendition of “One Wish.” But Brandy is coming to the rescue.

Ray J Hits The Stage

Last night’s (Jun 23) Omarion/Mario Verzuz was action-packed, to put it extremely lightly. From a watermelon eating contest to verbal jabs to a medley of covers, it was chaotic in the best way. Like he tends to do, Ray J stood out as the unintentional comic relief. In addition to the titular battle of the night, Ray J treated the audience to a performance of his 2005 hit “One Wish.”

Reviews were…mixed.

“Ray J was better off letting Sammie sing “One Wish” The vocals not vocaling,” one viewer typed.

“ray j clearly aint practice them vocals since one wish came out,” another account tweeted. Obviously, the Love and Hip Hop alumni wasn’t on his A-Game. After all, a lot has changed in 17 years. What hasn’t changed is the support from his sister Brandy Norwood.

Many noted while viewers, tweeters, and even fellow vocalists were poking fun at Ray J, Brandy stayed in his corner. The Grammy award-winning star could clearly be seen in the live Verzuz audience, smiling and holding up her phone. Despite the naysayers, Brandy looked particularly proud during her brother’s song.



Family matters

Indeed, The “Moesha” legend always takes up for her sibling. In 2018, Kim Kardashian and Ray J came to blows online after The Sun released an article alleging the “Sexy Can I” artist revealed some explicit details from their infamous sex tape. 

Kim then responded to the article on Twitter by calling Ray J a “pathological liar.” Ray subsequently posted an emotional video on Instagram vehemently denying the story. “I’ve done at least 10 interviews in the past 2weeks in #London and I’ve been respectful to everyone! These rumors are false and uncalled for!” Ray J typed in the caption. “My family is all that matters and that’s all I live for”. Clearly, this situation left him rattled. Of course, Brandy backed up her bro in the comments.

“RayJ you better use your voice for you and your family!!! But you don’t need this world’s approval,” she began. “If God Be For You, Nobody Can Be Against You!!! You are #Loved by the #Divine! #Unstoppable..we just gotta #SangOnEm”

That’s only one instance of Brandy’s family values. She fired back at For the Love of Ray J’s Monica’ Danger’ Leon after she alleged Ray J was secretly gay on a radio show. “I need Danger to watch her tongue!!!” She typed in a 2010 tweet. “To say my brother is gay because he didn’t return her calls is DUMB. Go get Help!!”

Sisters know best

Despite Brandy’s reliable sibling status, she’s not scared of showing tough love. The “Boy is Mine” icon hopped on Ray J’s Instagram page today to call out his rocky vocals. In addition to this, she humorously pointed out Ray J had been deleting her comments.

“Pops told me that you didn’t drink none of the tea I made for you. He also told me that you were talking all day when I specifically said NO TALKING and only drink water and the special tea I made for you at 4 in the freaking morning.” She finished with a playful dig, “If I had one wish, you would listen to your big sis sometimes and especially for @verzuztv “

Hopefully, next time Ray J will take his sister’s advice. For now, Our one wish is for this reality tv star to keep the mic on the stand.

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