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Gunman Arrested for Brixton, South London Shooting



Brixton Shooting Gunman Arrested
Debris from vehicles is seen on Railton Road, Brixton at the scene of the shooting. Image source: Getty Images.

The gunman in a drive-by shooting that left two men dead in Brixton is now in police custody.

On Jan 10, a spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police confirmed due to suspicion of manslaughter, they arrested the 25-year-old man.

The victim of this shooting was 21-year-old Deliveroo driver Guilherme Messias da Silva. Due to his injuries from the impact during the shooting, he died later. 

In addition, the shooters chased and gunned down the son of British boxer Dillian Whyte’s promoter, Dean Whyte’s son. Known to his fans as a drill rapper was confirmed dead at the scene. The 27-year-old Lemar Rashawn Urquhart also went by the name Perm and died from gunshot wounds.  

Guilherme Messias Da Silva (top) and Lemar Rashawan Urqhart (bottom).

The Brixton Drive-By

On Nov 30, police received a notification from a call-in, before 8 pm, of a shooting on Railton Road in Brixton, South London. 

An inquest did hear a white MG the rapper had been driving and a head-on collision with the Deliveroo driver’s moped. Immediately the drill rapper and another passenger fled. However, another passenger from another vehicle still chased. Sadly, Perm was shot eight times during the open fire and was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The gunman fled the scene by car, according to the inquest. 

The Metropolitan Police, firearm specialist, and detectives confirm with the evidence and the inquest that this is indeed how the shooting occurred. 

Furthermore, the arrested 25-year-old man, since Nov 8, has been bailed and re-bailed until early February, according to The Mirror.

The Contributing Families

The families of the victims mourn over their loved ones. 

Guilherme’s mother, Rosangela Messias de Sousa, mourns for her son’s death from a distance in the Municipality of Petrolina de Goias. 

“It’s very sad; my heart is bleeding. It hurts everything,” Messias de Sousa told local news outlet G1

Additionally, with the help of an online crowdfunding campaign, Guilherme’s funeral occurred on Dec 4, 2022. 

As for Perm’s father, Dean Whyte contributed to his son by sharing an image on social media with these words. 

“R.i.p my boy daddy loves you. Life has changed forever.”

Similarly, a Deliveroo spokesperson outlined Guilherme’s death as “incredibly tragic.” The company sends its condolences to the family and friends of those who have lost their lives.

In the end, Detective Cheif Inspector Sal Minhas, Specialist Crime, speaks out and says,

“The death of these two young men is a stark reminder of the work we need to do to tackle violent crime in our communities.”

Written by Abbi-Rae De La Rosa | Twitter: @justabbi_ 

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