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Busta Rhymes Holds No Punches: Chides Rappers Performing with Backing Tracks



In hip-hop circles, the mention of Busta Rhymes draws mad respect. Busta Rhymes is one of the illest with the mic, and his showmanship and lyricism have been nice since he first stepped on the stage. Today Busta Rhymes had a little to say about rappers in the current generation and their choice of performing techniques. As the lyrical Super Saiyan pointedly pontificated,

“We the Holy, sacred, and Pure.”

Busta Rhymes Takes A Minute

In a live performance, Busta Rhymes took a moment to address young rap artists and their current approach to public performances. In this brief exchange, the hip-hop legend contended that younger artists lack a particular skill when performing live. He pointed out the stark difference between those in his class of artists and those of the new generation. In his words,

“They are cut from a cloth that is no longer manufactured.”

No Need to Mince Facts

There was no cryptic undertone in Rhymes’ argument. According to the artist, there has been a sort of dilution, a watering down of the art form that has taken place over time. He directly references how there was, as he put it,

“No additives, unnecessary mixing, diluting, or tampering with the holy, sacred, and pure before the current climate.”

That is to say, what you saw was what you got. The fans got raw, unfiltered lyricism that didn’t need anything to polish or bolster it. Undoubtedly this is a mouthful to digest and a gut punch to some.

Busta Rhymes’ Statement: Dissecting the Truth

Does he speak the truth? Well, Rhymes speaks from experience. His skill level is on another plane, and he has perfected his signature over the years. In many circles, when it comes to lyrical flow, there is no comparison. When he does spit, it’s like a raging fire no one can extinguish, thus his alias “The Dragon.” He’s always in beast mode. And beasts operate on a different level. So, of course, he will see things a little differently. However, it’s not wild to assume that not everyone agrees. There is always the argument of shifting landscape, the evolution of technology, and adapting to the changing desires of audiences. But that doesn’t take away the legitimacy of his view.

Busta Rhymes Does Not Walk Alone

Rhymes is not alone in this. Many people find the methods some current rappers use distasteful, if not talentless, displays. Joe Money had more than a few words on the subject in 2018. He called out young artists at the Rolling Loud concert.

So this is no new argument, merely a different voice of proclamation.

In Conclusion

Everyone knows what camp they stand in. And this will inevitably be a topic debated for years to come. And as time goes on and music evolves, there will continue to be this persistent call to go back to the roots of it all. Respectfully, there is nothing wrong with that. Contrarily, in a shifting landscape, things change, and that includes what is acceptable to the masses.

Nevertheless, regardless of what side one takes, FM Hip Hop lifts Hip-hop in all its forms. Long live the art form that has evolved into cultural expressionism and expanded beyond what one could ever imagine. May its reach remain as deep and profound as the progenitors and living legends like Busta Rhymes.

Written By: Renae Richardson

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