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Cam’ron Speaks On Jay-Z And His History In Rap



Cam'ron Jay-Z Relationship Comes In More Detail
Cam'ron and Jay-Z. Image source: The Source.

Cam’ron appeared on the popular podcast Million Dollaz Worth Of Game and spoke on Jay-Z and his history in rap. The video dropped last Sunday, Aug 21, 2022, on Youtube, Spotify, and other platforms where you can listen to podcasts. 

While also talking about his latest business ventures, Cam speaks about many things within the hour and forty-minute interview. Topics ranged from when Cam and Jay-Z ended their beef to why Cam’ron scrapped a verse from Jay-Z and remarkable Ma$e stories

A standout subject within the podcast is the topic of Jay-Z, or Hov, as Cam’ron refers to him, comes up. The beef between the two rappers and how they eventually squashed it. In a distant reality, Jay-Z appeared on Cam’ron’s classic song “Oh Boy.” Unfortunately, that did not happen in our time, but Cam revealed that Hov did spit a verse for one of his biggest songs. 

Cam’ron & Jay-Z

Cam’ron stated, ” So Hov did a remix for “Oh Boy,” and I erased it.” Looking back on the situation, he clearly wishes he would have just vaulted the verse even if he never planned on ever using it. His reason for deleting the verse was very simple: “He erased my verse. I did a song for Peedi Crakk, and he erased my verse and threw it out, so I was like I’ma erase his verse.” Pettiness is to blame, and because of it, the world will never get to hear the lost verse from Jay-Z. However, Cam would take full responsibility “we ain’t gone find it nowhere,” adding, “I’m a very, very petty man.”

Another topic that comes up repeatedly is Cam’ron’s history in the rap game. Just hearing his stories can give you the impression that he’s been around the block. Many people who don’t know Cam’ron may not realize he has been in the game for over two decades. He has worked with giants in rap history like Biggie, is an actor, and even worked in movies. Watch the full interview below. 

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Written by Patrick Rodriguez | Twitter 

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