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Cardi B Dropping New Single Friday



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Cardi B’s new single “Hot Shit” is coming out this Friday. She tweeted a snippet of the new track that included Tay Keith’s signature tag. This will be their 5th collaboration together.  They have also made hits such as “Big Paper” and “Wish Wish.” “Hot Shit” should be the first single off her upcoming album.  Last year, she confirmed she will be dropping sometime in 2022.  We are all waiting for her to drop as it will be her sophomore album. “Invasion of Privacy” was released in 2018, winning a Grammy for Rap album of the year. Also, all of the songs on her debut went platinum, in which no other artist has done before.

Cardi Claps Back

Fans seem to always come at Cardi B on social media.  Once in a while Cardi has time to clap back.  She had time on Friday.  A fan urged her to pay more attention to her kids rather than social media.  The fan then went on to say her daughter, Kulture, has autism. Cardi responded by tweeting that the fan was only saying this because her daughter isn’t ugly.  People have to call her something.  Cardi is tired of y’all coming for her kids!  Bardi Gang came to her defense and even pointed out the fact that having autism is not an insult.

Cardi Tries

The girl from the Bronx is out here doing a lot throughout all the nonsense!  In her latest episode of her TV series, Cardi Tries, she tried being a firefighter.  Comedian Lilly Singh joins her as they experience the life of firemen.  They learn how to put out fires, perform CPR, and put oxygen masks on people.  Their end test was a fire drill to see if they could use the skills they learned.  The City of Monrovia fire department gave the duo real life firefighting training. You can catch the series on Facebook.  So far, Cardi has learned to play football and make chocolate bonbons. The special guests have been Megan thee Stallion and Teyana Taylor.

Written by: Brandon Simmons

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