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Cardi B Suddenly Quits ‘Assisted Living’ Filming



Cardi B
Cardi B Suddenly Quits 'Assisted Living' Filming. Photo Credit:

Cardi got her start on VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop New York,” and appeared in the 2019 film Hustlers. But now she’s shying away from the camera.

Cardi Makes a Cut

Assisted Living is a now-scratched comedy flick from Paramount. The $30 million production effort was scheduled to begin within a week until they hit a huge bump in the road; there’s no lead actress.

Deadline recently reported (Mar. 10) the ‘WAP’ rapper has pulled out from the project because she is “overextended.” While Cardi certainly has a ton on her plate with music, endorsements, and personal matters, the decision is astonishingly last minute. Deadline claims their sources hope to

“put the pieces back together later this year”

but for now, there’s been no word from Cardi or Paramount.

According to a November Deadline report, Cardi was cast as “Amber,” a criminal on the run disguised as an elderly woman. The movie, directed by Thembi Banks, seemed like a perfect opportunity for the 29-year-old to show off her comedic chops. But, unfortunately, it seems we may never know.

A Silver Lining

Thembi is most known for her television writing and directing. She’s directed several hit shows like Brooklyn 99 and HBO’s Insecure. In addition to that, she’s directed movies like Suitable and Doors.

 Don’t be too disappointed if you were looking forward to seeing your favorite female rapper. Her next album is slated to be released sometime this year. COVID-19 previously halted the follow-up to Invasion of Privacy in 2021, but it seems many artists are getting back into the swing of things. So whether you know Cardi as a rapper or an actress, hope isn’t completely lost.



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