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Check Out Aminé Performing In A Hot Air Balloon On Jimmy Kimmel Live



Aminé Took To The Skys With His Performance On Kimmel

As a result of the pandemic, the ‘closing concerts’ of every late night show are starting to look very different. Their settings and filming style have taken a turn for the better, which each stating to function more like a music video than anything else.

This week Aminé was a musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live following his now one month old album ‘Limbo.’ From the air, the artist performed the two first tracks on the album ‘Woodland‘ and ‘Burden.’ The songs exist in contrast with one another but work together to capture the tone of his new musical direction shown in his new album.

The video begins with him soaring above the ground in a massive colorful balloon covered in a diverse representation of national flags and various religious symbols. He sings his song ‘Woodland,’ an upbeat quick song full of verses about how far he has come since his youth in home town of Woodland, Oregon. He sours above the ground as you feel his pride and career inflating.

Then, as the balloon begins to sink and eventually land on the ground the tone of the video changes. Aminé travels into the balloon itself and uses it as a setting for his second song ‘Burden.’ The rising  at the beginning of the video and the sinking midpoint reflect the complex emotions Aminé finds in his new album.

The album is likely his most acclaimed yet. It retains his signature style with more tonal complexity to it and poetic purpose behind each track. This performance on Kimmel does justice to that fact.

Article By Surina Belk- Gupta | Instagram: @surinapop

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