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#CherryJuice: Remy Ma Allegedly Blacking Eyes And Taking Names On Co-Star [Pics]



l-r: Brittney Taylor, Remy's Stepdaughter, Remy Ma

Remy Ma Allegedly Blacking Eyes And Taking Names On Co-Star

Salutations Cherry Juice Sippers and FM Hip Hop Heads!  A charity concert at Irving Plaza in New York City went left field as, according to New York Police 13th Precinct police report, Bronx rapstress Remy Ma allegedly punched her Love and Hip Hop co-star,  rapstress Brittney Taylor, in the face.  The police report was filed by the latter, allegedly claiming Taylor was assaulted by the All The Way Up emcee.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The evidence of the confrontation? A blackened left eye, sadly covered by make-up. (Side bar: The make up makes  the injury looked worse than it was.) The eye injury to the Love and Hip Hop star was posted all over social media, and has been on all major blogs.  In the posts, Brittney Taylor told her fans and viewers that she had a disagreement with the former Terror Squad member, and it led to an altercation, which led to the alleged hit to the eye.  To add fuel to the fire, Brittney Taylor also hires infamous lawyer Sanford Rubeinstein to aide in getting the Bronx rapper to be put back in jail.  Taylor publicly expressed it through her social media outlets to confirm, as well.  Taylor claims she wants to continue in pursuit of charges to be brought against Remy Ma, even if the consequence is jail time.  This consequence would be most likely, due to the fact it is against Remy‘s parole violation to be involved in any altercation, after her release from a six year bid for assault.  The alleged altercation, according to Taylor‘s report, happened after a dispute between her and Remy that involved Remy‘s step daughter.

Despite her taking down the posts recently on her Instagram page, consequently this one-sided claim caused an uproar in the hip hop and music community in general.  Specifically the social media world.  Especially for the fact that Taylor filed a police report on the matter.  Taylor has been labeled everything from “petty” to “snitch” among others.  The Conceited emcee is currently under investigation.  There has been no responses from Remy Ma, her representatives, or her step daughter.  There has not even been a post about it on any of Remy‘s social media platforms.  Guess we will have to wait and see what unravels.


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