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Chrisean Rock Talked About Losing A Tooth And Breaking Into Blueface’s House



Chrisean Rock Discussed Her Lost Tooth And Blueface
Chrisean Rock Discussed Her Lost Tooth And Blueface. Image source: YouTube, Talking Ish With Bone Show.

After the arrest for stealing Blueface’s car a month ago, Chrisean Rock visited Talking Ish With Bone ShowShe also gave many interesting insights.

The former member of Blueface’s record label talked about losing a tooth. She also discussed partnering with Blueface in various ways. Also, she details breaking into Blueface’s apartment and stealing his car.

How Chrisean Rock Lost A Tooth?

The artist visited a party, where Blueface’s baby mother started claiming that Rock is “touching on my man.” When the allegations began to appear, Chrisean was supposedly just sitting on the couch.

“She looked like a Mexican crazy b***h, who was just tweaking,” Rock described the mother of Blueface’s son. Drunk and cross-faded, she started to back up from the “L-couch, like a big-a** horse.” More women kept coming into the room. Eventually, Chrisean Rock was facing nearly two decades of angry ladies.

“B****es jealous and crying,” Chrisean explained. She pushed the couch towards the group and used the confusion to run out of the house. The angry ladies followed and hopped in a car to follow the artist.

Chrisean Rock had to run through various ups and downs of Hollywood Hills with “an army of b****es” on her back. The ups and downs included seeing coyotes, sliding down the dirt trail, but also jumping over the deck. The third was also the reason why Rock eventually lost her tooth.

Luckily, the counselor from Chrisean Rock’s university eventually saved her. They got her an Uber back home.

Rock & Blueface

Chrisean Rock has eight tattoos with Blueface’s name. She also complimented the artist during the podcast.

Rock described Blueface as “a real n***a like he didn’t expect shit out of me he was just like ‘Oh I see you’ type shit.”

Their rocky relationship included Rock breaking into Blueface’s house and stealing his car. She got arrested for the second.

Watch the podcast below:

Written by Nikita Serdiuk

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