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DDG Will be the First Rapper to Film a MV Off-Planet



DDG Will be the First Rapper to Film a MV Off-Planet
DDG Will be the First Rapper to Film a MV Off-Planet. Image source: Youtube, VEVO Hood Melody.

Michigan-born DDG is writing himself into music history in a very unusual way, and he wont to be grounded for long.

DDG Goes From Infinity To Beyond

YouTuber turned artist DDG is known for pushing the envelope and striving for success with his craft. Whether it’s his channel with over 2 million subscribers, a certified platinum single with “Moonwalking in Calabasas,” or making the 2021 XXL Freshman List, the Midwest star seemingly refuses to settle for less.

The “Die 4 Respect” featuring emcee also recently released a new single with Gunna titled “Elon Musk” (Feb 18). Currently, the song is approaching 3 million views on the rapper’s official YouTube channel. The single is already on the rise and is about to get a massive promo. DDG is also preparing for liftoff with an otherworldly music video.

The Pontiac artist is gearing up to be the first rapper to film a video in space. He recently spoke to Our Generation Music about the upcoming voyage. “I’m really going because I want to experience it. I like doing crazy shit.” He said.

“I went scuba diving, skydiving, and I wanted to embrace that space mentality with “Elon Musk.” I can’t wait to get up there. I’m not really that nervous. I’m just excited.”

A Look Behind The Scenes

The 24-year-old plans to launch from Houston this upcoming weekend (Mar 19). In addition to promoting the single, DDG has vlogged his preparation via TikTok and YouTube. Aside from being an excellent push for “Elon Musk,” the space voyage serves as another milestone for the “Valedictorian” rapper.

He candidly explained his creative process to OGM earlier this week. “It really started with me doing research to see what I could find to market the song. My team contacted SpaceX, NASA, and some other companies to see if we can make happen, and it did.” He expounded.

“I’m going to be up there for a few hours. I’m no astronaut or anything, but I’m going to feel weightless and be floating for the video.”

Since late February, DDG has been teasing his launch on Twitter and giving small glimpses into his mindset. Apparently, going off-planet is more pricy than you may think. 

“going to space is the most expensive shit i ever paid for [emojis],” the artist typed.


Came A Long Way, Has A Long Way To Go

This is an awe-inspiring feat, considering how new DDG is to the rap game. He started out making Youtube videos in 2015 and released his first project, “Take Me Serious,” in 2018. The content creator has successfully rebranded himself in just a few short years. DDG has received co-signs from established rappers, including Blueface and also G Herbo.

While some haters have used YouTube to dig on DDG, he maintains pride in his past. “With YouTube, I feel like that’s my family… Like getting dropped off at college or a high school reunion-type feeling,” DDG explained. “I know my fans there are always going to ride for me, and I feel like I’ve had to prove myself because I was [an artist] coming off that platform. It definitely shaped me and my music for what it is today.”

“I loved making videos, but I didn’t start taking music seriously until 2017,” DDG also shared. “I wouldn’t be here without the family supporting me on [YouTube].”

As DDG rises to new heights, it’s also good to know he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Take a look at his space training from back then below:

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