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DJ Akademiks Claims Ebro Is Blackballing DaBaby



Image Source: Getty Images
Image Source: Getty Images

DaBaby has been canceled online for about a year now for some poor homophobic comments made at one of the Rolling Loud Festivals last summer. Some have forgiven the North Carolina rapper, but many in the industry are still distancing themselves from Dababy. DJ Akademiks recently appeared on The Breakfast Club & claims that Ebro, Hot97’s icon, is still blackballing Dababy & his music.


The broader reason why Akademiks is calling the radio personality out is that he believes Ebro is “using Apple Music as a weapon for ur personal issues.” He even compared Dababy’s last album sales with his new album’s significantly lower projections. For additional comparison, independent rapper LUCKI is projected to outsell the Charlotte megastar with his new album Flawless Like Me. Take a look at the full tweet of Akademiks follow-up response to Ebro’s actions:


Dababy’s New Album Stirs Up More Controversy

Speaking of Dababy’s new album, the rapper dropped Baby On Baby 2 this past Friday (September 23rd). This is a sequel to his fan-favorite project Baby On Baby which jumpstarted his career & contains several huge hits from that year. The new release isn’t getting the same love though, as the sales projections would suggest. He also revealed his past sex history with Megan Thee Stallion despite their current beef with each other. While Dababy raps that he waiting to share this information on this album, many feel as the rapper attempted a clout chase. On a positive note, the song “Boogeyman” itself is still pretty good outside of that line:


What Is The Fate Of The Charolette Star?

Some still are in love with Dababy & his music while others have moved on from his antics & shenanigans. Although he’s arguably releasing the same quality of material at times, he’s also struggling to reach the same streams & success he attained over the years. Whether you agree with/support him or not, do you think Dababy’s career will be fine longterm?


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Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav

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