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Ready, Aim, Fire: Doja Cat’s Defiant Stand



A recent clapback from Doja Cat at her bullies demonstrates that people have no qualms about expressing themselves. And Doja is not having it.

Doja Cat has recently received a lot of criticism, with the majority of the focus being on her hairstyle. However, the artist did not hesitate to respond.

According to reports, the performer has some trolls who are fixated on her hairstyle. More than a few respondents compared the performer’s hair to “pubes.” While some things are easy to brush off, this was not one of them for Doja. So, she called out the hecklers for their immaturity.

From Lizzo to Doja: Navigating the Perils of Celebrity

As seen play out time and time again, the world isn’t short of busybodies who make other’s business theirs. In fact, a daunted Lizzo announced her resignation a few days ago due to constant ridicule. So it appears that others are now directing jibes at Doja.

Doja, like Lizzo, is used to being harangued. In the past, the singer has announced her resignation from social media after heavy criticism. At the time, the artist wrote on Instagram, “Hey, I am going to deactivate because I am not feeling this anymore.”

However, things change over time, and Doja continues to use social media.

Confronting And Challenging Stereotypes

This time, Doja didn’t go to socials to announce her goodbyes. She rather expressed her exasperation with those who kept her name in their mouths.

This time Doja went to social media, stating she had observed the constant inquisitions about her hair. Understanding the infantile nature of the comparisons respondents attempted to make, she had a point to get across.

Doja Cat’s Empowering Acceptance

It’s no secret that deeply textured hair has not always been looked at favorably. As a result, there is an ongoing movement to encourage those born with deeply coily, textured hair, known as 4C, to accept the crown that they were born with. It hasn’t been an easy progression for those who have attempted to take the journey to acceptance. They continue to be subjected to harsh criticism and jokes, even from those within their same racial demographic.

Some things are not important in the grand scheme of things. So, the “Say So” performer spoke her mind.

“We gotta move forward. Let’s stop… I need you guys to get on that. Not comparing 4C hair textures to pubes.”

That’s a solid point, but will they listen?

Facing The Reality: Cyberbullying In The Age Of Social Media

Bullying is an epidemic that is likely not to dissipate soon. In fact, many people think that social media and the internet’s anonymity make it simpler for people to interact with others in a less polite way than they would otherwise. Celebrities are walking targets because of their status.

So, unfortunately, thicker skin is not a choice in this industry; it’s a must. In such cases, there are only two options for resolution: either the bully drops their verbal swords, or the recipient armors themselves to deflect the venomous darts.

Facing The Fire

It’s good that Doja Cat was able to make a stand against her bullies this time. Will she win the war and find peace even though her detractors keep piling on the pressure? It is hard to say.

In her past address to the cyberbullies, Doja stated, “The way I’m spoken to here and treated makes me have f***** up thoughts. Please watch how you talk to and about people on the internet.”

Thus, it is with great hope that she maintains her strength and keeps the course. Few people achieve such a platform as she has, and it would be a travesty to waste it because of the perspectives of those she has never met and is unlikely to meet.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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