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Drake Announces The Return of OVO Fest



Image Source: Caitlin Cronenberg

Drake was a surprise guest for REBEL in Toronto last night. Not only was his appearance a surprise, but the information he was about to share as well. Drake shared the news of OVO Fest’s return saying,

“Toronto, please, like I said, this guy right here is a once in a generation talent. Whether he’s rapping, pouring out his heart, whether he’s turning all the way up, whether he’s playing the piano, whether he’s acting in our show, Top Boy, I promise you this guy right here is a one of one. Make some muthafucking noise for Dave. I love you with all my heart. They let the city back open so I will see you at OVO Fest soon.”

Ovo Fest is a yearly music festival that Drake is in charge of. It is named after the label, OVO (October’s Very Own) Sound, which is in Toronto. OVO Fest was last held in 2019. It was canceled the last two years due to Covid. However, it is coming back this year.

Current knowledge about OVO Fest

No details are currently officially known. However, there is already an unofficial website that claims to be selling tickets. They claim that the festival is going to happen on Aug 4 at the usual venue of the Budweiser Stage. They claim the lineup includes B2K, Mario, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Ying Yang Twins, Chingy, and Bobby V, with Aubrey headlining. However, they are not even pretending to let people buy the tickets yet. The site can be found here.

It can pretty safely be said that Dave will be there. Ovo Fest was announced while drumming up hype for him, after all. It would be weird for Dave to allow Drake to advertise the festival before his act if he is not going to show up for it.

Written by Justin Acosta

Twitter: @hahalacka

Justin Acosta lives in Barstow, California. He recently graduated from University of California Davis and is excited to have a job and prove himself. He has a speech impediment, but he is not going to let that slow him down.

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