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Drake Scrubs His Social Media, Unfollows Rihanna & A$AP Rocky



Rihanna & A$AP Rocky are basking in the afterglow of their recent announcement. When the pair hopped on social media announcing their expectancy, fans congratulated them. Fans also wondered, posing the question, how will Drake react? However, sources are reporting Drake may not be over the moon.

Drake & Rihanna

Drake has a clear history with the “Umbrella” performer. He met Rihanna in 2005. He was smitten. After Rihanna’s public split with Chris Brown, Drake stepped up. Sources eagerly reported on the two’s relationship. One source noted this of the Barbadian Queen,

“She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night,”

Many took this as a cue. Finally, Drake & Rihanna might be a thing. But, unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as expected.

 Hit with Reality

In 2011, Drake dedicated the song “Fireworks” to Rihanna expressing his hurt. In 2014, the artist referred to Rihanna as his dream girl.

 “She’s the ultimate fantasy. I mean, I think about it. Like, ‘Man, that would be good.”

Four years later, in 2015, Rihanna denied ever having a significant relationship with Drake. Vanity Fair reported Rihanna says her last real, official boyfriend was Chris Brown

Despite the pain, in 2016, Drake made a profession of love for Rihana before the world. In a moment of reminiscence at their first meeting, his words were profound and telling,

“I’ve been in love with her since I was 22 years old; she’s one of my best friends in the world.”

2018, the “Rude Boy” artist ripped into Drake’s heart before the entire world.

“We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is.”

Drake’s Response to Current News

Four years later, Rihanna appears to be in a blissful relationship with A$AP. Their news is an expression of their relationship. Drake said nothing. However, he is no longer following the pair on Instagram.

All can agree his actions pretty much sum up his sentiments. However, assumptions are not truths.

We don’t know what the “Certified Lover Boy” is feeling. However,  given his history and declared love for Rihanna over the years, he’s probably taking the news hard. We understand that pain.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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