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Detroit Teacher Had To Resign Because Of Her Rap Career



Drippin Honey Has To Quit Teaching Job Because Of Rap
Drippin Honey. Image source: YouTube.

Detroit rapper Drippin Honey, also known as former history teacher Domonique Brown, had to quit her school job because her Hip Hop career allegedly “was a bad influence on the kids,” according to a parent’s complaint. 

Drippin Honey quit her Taylor Preparatory High School job in February, only several months after starting in August. By the middle of March, the artist’s story began circulating in the media. At the time, the artist commented on the situation online and on TV.

“Recently, I was forced to leave my position due to me being a Rapper,” Drippin Honey wrote on X on March 17. “A single parent’s disapproval led to my dismissal.”

“Nobody even knew I was a rapper until the parent kept continuously complaining,” Drippin Honey also told WDBJ7. “The first meeting that I had with the principal and the dean, they had told me that the parent…felt as if she didn’t like my rap career and that I was a bad influence on the kids because I rap.”

Drippin Honey Gets Support

After the complaints from the anonymous parent, Brown had to choose between her school job and her rap career. “I couldn’t see myself giving up my other passion just because somebody didn’t like it, and they say erase all your content,” Dripping Honey explained. “That was the ultimatum. Erase all your content. I was like, ‘Respectfully, I can’t do that.'”

Nevertheless, many people in Taylor Preparatory High School supported Drippin Honey after she faced a choice between jobs. The former educator was elected teacher of the month in December. 

Moreover, Drippin Honey’s students helped her record the “Drippin 101” music video during the last days of her schoolwork.

Some parents also provided support for the artist. “We long for teachers who support our children and who inspire them, and [Brown] was one of those teachers,” one of the parents stated. “So really disappointed.” 

Another parent explained that, for her, “It doesn’t matter what you do outside of the education structure. Like, once you leave that particular building, you go on with life.”

The School’s Response

The school itself also provided comments

“Ms. Brown resigned from her position at Taylor Prep on Jan. 24. She was not fired,” a part of the school’s statement claims. “Administration informed her on several occasions she was violating the teacher code of conduct. Students and their parents reached out to us voicing concerns over Ms. Brown’s promotion of her social media accounts in the classroom.”

Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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