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Ed Sheeran Gets High With The Game



Ed Sheeran The Game/ Photo Credit: Capital fm-getty images

Ed Sheeran recently appeared on the Fitzy & Wippa podcast to talk about his upcoming Australian tour, but an interesting subject presented itself at the top of the conversation. Ed talked about how The Game got him high while in Compton.

Ed Sheeran Gets High

The show’s hosts, Ryan’Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael’‘Wipp” Wipfli, brought up Snoop Dogg. Ed Sheeran told the podcast duo he has never met Snoop. However, Sheeran still had a story for them.

Ed Sheeran begins Thinking Out Loud and freely shares the story of smoking with The Game while in a studio session.

“I was doing some records with The Game and he took me to Compton. And we were in the studio and we probably made like 13, 14 songs. And towards the end of the starts being a bit of a party.”

Could you imagine being in the studio session to see this in person? The creation in that room would be great to be a part of.

Ed and Game are an unlikely pair, but they work well together. Creating 14 songs in one session can only occur with chemistry. Joining in on that chemistry would have been fun. However, the party after would have been extremely entertaining.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran
Credit: RollingStone

It wasn’t long before Ed Sheeran decided to join in on the fun. He smoked a little bit but it was still too much for him.

“I took a tiny, tiny, tiny puff of something and I was out. I was like, ‘I have to go home.’ This is like 2013 though. I don’t really do that at all. When in Rome.”

Looking at the hilarity of the situation, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Ed Sheeran And The Game Collaborate

The Shivers singer told his story with a massive grin on his face. One could easily tell he enjoyed telling the story. Not to mention he was sincere and open. This moment created a  long-term working relationship between the two musicians, continuing to other collaborations.

The Game and Ed Sheeran have officially released tracks that they worked on together years later. Ed featured on a couple of songs on The Games 2019 Born 2 Rap album. He is featured on the intro,” City of Sin, and the last track of the album,” Roadside” Hopefully, we can expect the two to work together on more tracks.


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