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Enter the Underworld: Betrayal, Revenge, and Survival in “Incision”



"Incision" Original Feature From BET+
"Incision." Image source: BET+.

BET+’s library of original content continues to grow. They have just revealed the release date for their highly anticipated thriller, “Incision.” This film, with its gripping plot and talented cast, is one to mark on your calendar.

Dale S. Lewis, known for his role in directing the series “Wicked City” (2020), brings us his latest project, “Incision,” in 2024. Parker McKenna Posey from “Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends,” Shalim Ortiz from “All Rise,” Esmeree Sterling from “Shaft,” and Brittany Altenbach from “Fear the Walking Dead” are joining Brandee Evans from “P-Valley.”

Aryana Elson wrote the screenplay, while Eric Chambers is listed as the creator.

“Incision:” Deep Into the Dark Trade

“Incision” delves into the illicit world of organ trafficking, with a strong emphasis on seeking revenge. The story follows a resident doctor who is struggling to cope with the loss of her sister. After learning the true cause of Crystal’s death, she devises a plan to infiltrate an organ harvesting operation, forcing her to adopt a new persona.

“Incision:” A High-Stakes Thriller

It will not be easy for London (Evans) to bring down a dangerous and malevolent organization. As she delves deeper into her investigation, she realizes that she has now become a target too. Her original goal of avenging her sister’s death has become intertwined with the need to save her own life.

The high stakes add tension and challenges to her journey, making every move more crucial than ever before. As NoFilmSchool states, “The higher the stakes, the more invested the audience becomes in the story.”

If executed properly, “Incision” has the potential to be an intense and captivating watch.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars, thriller enthusiasts! BET+ will begin streaming “Incision” on June 6. As the summer heat rises, what better way to unwind and escape than with a thrilling crime drama?

Written by Renae Richardson 

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