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Everest Valens Moves His Carrer Forward



Everest Valens Moves His Carrer Forward
Everest Valens logo. Image source: Everest Valens.

Everest Valens is doing the one thing he loves. He is creating music for the world to enjoy. Making music is not a hobby for Everest but a dream. For the last two years, he has pushed to turn his dream into a reality. Now, Everest Valens is preparing to release a new album.

Music Flows Through Everest Valens

Everest Valens is a fourth-generation musician who has been performing since five. He has never been shy and doesn’t hide from the spotlight.

He is a born musician, and his veins are also pulsating with artistry. Everest has done everything he can to showcase the artistry flowing through his body. He is more than a rapper. And his skills also include songwriting and producing.

“Growing up, I always needed production and never felt I had enough…so eventually…I started producing myself” -EVEREST VALENS.

Everest Valens logo/ credit Everest Valens

Everest logo. Image source: Everest Valens.

Momentum Builds For Everest

Everest Valens is constantly working towards building a reputation for himself, appearing on shows like Power 106 Morning Show. His various freestyles and viral videos on social media helped him build a loyal fan base.

Everest Valens

Everest on Power 106 Morning Show.

Also, opening up for prominent named artists has increased Valens’s following. Everest has opened for the Grammy-winning Chris Brown, the Academy Award-winning Three 6 Mafia, Tyga, and The Game to legends such as DJ Quik & E-40. Opening these acts has put Everest in front of thousands of people.

Everest has accumulated close to a million streams on YouTube and Spotify Independently. These numbers have come in the past two years for the rapper.

What’s Next?

Everest Valens recently released a new song, “Stars On The Ceiling.” Flight Mob makes an appearance on the track. A music video was released to go along with the composition. Check out the video below.

Everest is also releasing a new album to continue his love for making music. He continues pushing his career forward and has no plans of slowing down.

Check out the Everest Valens website to stay updated on what he is doing.

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