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#FMSpotlight: Chicago Rapper DaWeirdo Channels Pain and Loss in His Latest Project



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Darrel McKinney is an independent hip-hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. Known as his stage name DaWeirdo, he has a sense of rawness and a unique style of music. His music is based on real-life stories from the hoods of Chicago such as Englewood, where he grew up.

DaWeirdo grew up in a musical family so, music is in his blood. His father, a saxophonist, drummer and, pianist, held jam sessions with his friends in the family’s front room.

Since his early roots, DaWeirdo has been paving the way for himself. He created a music tour called “Stop Teen Violence Music Tour”, performing at Chicago’s inner-city high schools. This lead him to debut on television. DaWeirdo was on BET’s 106 & Park, for a single called “Get it” with R&B artist Lovandre. That gave him huge exposure, and he hasn’t let his foot off the gas since.

With his latest project titled Lillie, DaWeirdo put his pain and recent losses into it. This year, he lost friends due to a mass shooting in Englewood. They were meant to appear in a DaWeirdo music video just two days later. Shortly after, he lost his grandmother.

“The making of everything, it was a dark cloud over me” DaWeirdo confessed. “So, every track on there has a story to tell, and it just means a lot to me.”

With his latest visual out, entitled “Drinking”, DaWeirdo admits that the record is the deepest one on the project for him. It was the first song he did after the tragic events that took place in his life this year. It details how, when dealing with grief, all you want to do is be numb to the pain, and deal with the hurt by drinking.

“During that time, I was really going through it. If you listen to that track, and then listen to the others, you can tell the difference. It’s almost like you can hear me cry in it.” DaWeirdo says.

With a huge following on Instagram as well as creativity and passion behind his music, DaWeirdo is setting himself apart from the typical rap artist. He is proving that he is coming to the top, through his authenticity and execution of his vision as an artist.

Check out DaWeirdo’s “Drinking” video below:

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