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FM Spotlight: Demi Grace Drops Music Video For The New “Grace” Single



Demi Grace Drops Music Video
Demi Grace. Image source: Instagram, @iamdemigrace.

Demi Grace isn’t missing a beat since her May drop. The R&B songstress released her music video for “Stay” this Wednesday (Feb 15).

Demi Grace Wants You to “Stay”

The video continues a story thread created in Demi Clinge’s previous video for “Clingy.” The scene is set with Demi’s male costar sneaking out of bed, leading to the “Calling Me’ singer somberly reflecting on last night.

This follows a notable trend of artists, particularly female artists, using their consecutive music videos as a larger-spanning storytelling medium. It is a technique that lends itself to R&B music, which often relies on the real-life experiences and stories of the artist singing on the record. Demi Grace is taking the term “visuals” to a different level with her music videos, and more is yet to come.

“Can you just stay (4x)

I looked on the other side, and let me tell you

I saw nothing greener

…You been living life, and I live mine but

I see your demeanor.” 

If you’re feeling a bit moody and down about love, “Stay” is the perfect single for you.

The Discography

“Stay” joins “Clingy,” “Alarm,” “Come Closer,” and “Calling Me” as Demi’s singles with an accompanying music video. Her newest album, “Blackcurrant,” also produced by Itstragicbaby, is a clever blend of classic RnB with some afrobeat notes. This is courtesy of Demi’s Nigerian British background, allowing her to easily navigate both genres.

Grace, also known as Grace Abidemi Ayorinde, is no stranger to the visual medium. Aside from her work as a recording artist, she also has experience with professional modeling. From Make Up Forever to Digicel, Grace’s face has represented several major brands. She even made history in 2017 by becoming the first model to represent Pantene with locs. However, that’s not the only time Demi Grace has been a trailblazer.

In addition to the Pantene feat, Demi became the first artist to sign to the Nigerian branch of Universal Music Group in 2017.

“Stay” and the other 9 tracks on “Blackcurrant” are now also available on all streaming services!

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