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DanDizzy Uses His Talents To Encourage Citizens To Vote In The Nigerian Elections



DanDizzy Urges People To Vote In Nigerian Election
DanDizzy. Image source: PUNCH.

The general election in Nigeria is just around the corner, and several local celebrities are urging their communities to ensure they have a Permanent Voter Card (PVC) to vote. Nigerians have the right to exercise their right to vote to confirm that their voices matter and that the people they trust decide their future.

Very high anticipation prevails for the upcoming presidential election, which will take place in February.

Nigeria’s electoral body, the Independent National Electoral Commission, raised concerns in December regarding millions of uncollected voter cards in the country less than two months before the election. So if you’re an eligible voter in Nigeria, you better get to the polls early – otherwise, you might get stuck waiting in line for your voter card!

DanDizzy Wants His Community More Active In The Election

Daniel Tuotamuno Darius, aka DanDizzy, a Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter, has made it his mission to educate Nigerian citizens about the importance of voter cards through his raps. This is similar to a beacon in the darkness, lighting the way for those seeking knowledge and guidance. DanDizzy is a shining example of what it looks like to use one’s talent and influence to improve society.

During the rap, the artist uses Nigerian pidgin English, the country’s unofficial language most commonly used for everyday conversation. By using pidgin, DanDizzy can reach a larger demographic of Nigerians that may not understand the official language but are still able to get the message of the rap. According to Africa News, DanDizzy and others did not always support voting because it was a matter for the elderly. “No, we need to get more involved so that we can make a change so that we can get things right,” he said. “Cause if we don’t get it right this time, it’s gonna be hard.”

A PVC serves as an identification document and entitles the holder to vote in the upcoming general election. Before the elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced a window for collecting voter registration cards.

DanDizzy became a sensation on the internet because of his habit of performing his raps in public places about the people and events in his community. Aside from expressing surprise that so many Nigerians do not have PVCs, the “Woskey” rapper said that he hopes to inspire individuals to exercise their right to vote.

Nigerians Aren’t Too Happy With INEC

According to INEC, there have been 93,469,008 general election registrations. According to recent information, 9,518,188 new voters have been added to the voter registration database. Male voters make up 52.5% of this total number, while female voters make up 47.5%. Several Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction with INEC’s handling of the card distribution process. However, others are concerned that there needs to be more aware of the collection of cards in the country.

Furthermore, DanDizzy has already visited three states to spread the word about voter education. Yet, despite these efforts, there is still a need to do more to increase awareness and motivate citizens to participate in the electoral process. DanDizzy will have to add a few more states to that travel itinerary! On Feb. 25, elections will be held for the presidency and the national assembly in Africa’s largest country. On Mar. 11, there will be elections for governors and state assemblies.

Introducing DanDizzy

DanDizzy was born on Oct. 6 in Opobo, Rivers state. After completing his secondary education at Sure Way High School, he attended the University of Port Harcourt to pursue a Computer Engineering and Information Technology degree.

Due to reasons beyond his control, the “Mbong” rapper withdrew from school to devote more time to his musical career. He may not have a degree, but DanDizzy is educated in the school of hard knocks. Since beginning his music career in 2009, DanDizzy has earned a reputation for his fantastic freestyle skills. His efforts and perseverance have placed him on the list of top rappers in the southern region of Nigeria.

Music labels have taken notice of DanDizzy. Cadilly Entertainment signed him on Jan. 22, 2017. In addition, he joined Camloe Records a few days after leaving his former label in 2019.

DanDizzy’s catalog consists of many hit songs. He is the first artist from Port Harcourt to appear on MTV Base’s Official Naija Top 10. His impressive output includes singles such as “Egweji,” “Garni,” and “Woskey.” His 2018 single “Who Goes Der,” concerning street life in Port Harcourt, was one of the top charting songs in the city for that year.

Check out DanDizzy’s music below!

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