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FM Spotlight: “In The Crowd” By So Gaudy



In The Crowd By So Gaudy
The cover of "In the Crowd" single.

So Gaudy’s new single, “In the Crowd,” is an energized banger. It’s full of autotune and repetitive lines, such as, surprisingly enough, “jumping in the crowd.” 

While a perfect instrumental for moshing, the song’s beat also creates a somewhat anxious aura. It makes sense, considering that the song was produced by 44youmadethis, who sought fame while working with 21 Savage, known, apart from his 12-car garage, for the brutal songs with chilling storytelling.

So Gaudy’s lyrics, however, are not so intimidating. “In the Crowd” is more of an illegal party anthem with “police kick[ing] the door” and the artist himself “be[ing] on [his] game.” 

The synthesis of the lyrics and the instrumental creates an interesting effect. If one heard only the song’s lyrics, one would probably consider it a typical party banger. At the same time, only hearing the beat will probably make one think the song is about something much harsher. 

Consequentially, there is a balance, which makes the track sound exciting and unusual. With the balance also comes the double bottom that adds up to the effect.

The experiment seemingly worked out. In the synthesis created, while listening to the song, one can imagine themselves being at an illegal party instead of a basic party.  

So Gaudy 

So Gaudy is a rising star from Las Vegas. After suffering a terrible car accident, not only he got back on his feet after the doctors told the artist he would not be able to walk again. So Gaudy also launched his career, releasing many songs this past year. 

So Gaudy is also an entrepreneur. He relatively recently opened his Get Right Entertainment music studio. 

In The Crowd By So Gaudy

So Gaudi, receiving a money call.

Gaudy follows specific rules to keep up with his many responsibilities. “Work hard, stay consistent, never give up,” the artist advised in an interview with FMHipHop. “Don’t listen to the doubters.”


Apart from “In the Crowd,” So Gaudy recently released his “Canada” music video with PesoPeso. In the clip, both artists are enjoying themselves in a red-colored room. So Gaudy also described “Canada” as “a feel-good track for female hustlers out there working hard to get their money.” 

Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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