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FM Spotlight: “Self Made Self Paid” By Big Homiie G, Review & Artist’s Commentary



Self Made Self Paid By Big Homiie G
The cover of Big Homiie G's "Self Made Self Paid" mixtape.

Big Homiie G has just released his new “Self Made Self Paid” project. The record is full of bangers, some lyrical compositions, and a couple of features. In the artist’s own words, “[The new mixtape] is pure. It’s hard. You’re gonna be able to vibe to it and ride to it.”

If getting in more detail, the disk consists of 17 tracks, ranging from trapesque “Blowing Money Fast” to the more romantic “Said I Love You” (though even when seemingly in love, Big Homiie G is still using the part of a beat to talk about being “too focused on his check”). More lyrical compositions include “Bother Me,” where the artist reflects on his life and references Future’s “Perkys Calling” in the chorus. There are some starry features, too, such as GloRilla and Rob49. 

“Self Made Self Paid” is definitely something you can “vibe and ride to.” The record would fit well playing in the car or at the party. 

However, none of the tracks seem too catchy. They just sound like something you’ve heard time and time before but from different artists. For example, the aforementioned “Bother Me” reminded me too much of Future‘s work, and not only because of the “Perkys Calling” lyrical reference. Still, it could be just a matter of my personal taste. 

Overall, “Self Made Self Paid” seems to lack Big Homiie G’s authentic sound and appears as a compilation of tracks recorded by various other artists. It is rather high-quality and well-sounding, but still a compilation. 

Big Homiie G’s Upcoming Plans And Overall Goals

Moving on, Big Homiie G plans to “keep his foot on the gas.” The artist’s ultimate goal is “To see myself being successful. To have a lot of success. I don’t care about the Grammys or nothing like that, but I can see myself on the Grammy, getting a Grammy. Being nominated for things or, you know, shit like that. Success.”

Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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