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Future Takes Shots At Russell Wilson…Again



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In a not so surprising turn of events, Future takes shots at Russell Wilson once again. Future, who shares a child with his ex, the talented Ciara, has once again thrown shade at her NFL husband on a new collab with Quavo.

Future Disses Wilson On New Single

Released on Friday, June 14, the Migos rapper’s fresh single, “Turn Yo Clic Up,” features an unexpected verse from none other than Future himself. And boy, does he take a shot at the Denver Broncos’ star quarterback.

With unapologetic audacity, Future spits out the line “fu*k Russell” while unabashedly boasting about his success on the field. It’s a classic case of rap bravado meets real-life drama. And we can’t help but grin at the rivalry that has been brewing between these two.

“Big dawg status, bill hopper,” Future proudly proclaims in his verse. Leaving us all wondering what exactly a “bill hopper” entails. Is it a reference to his financial prowess? Or perhaps it’s a subtle nod to his knack for billiards? Regardless, we’re intrigued.

And that’s not all – Future takes the opportunity to flex his shopping skills. Rapping about balling in someone’s mall for his brothers. Clearly, he knows how to treat his loved ones while rocking that Goyard bag and toting the Corduroy. Because when you’re Future, you don’t just walk around with any old bag – you bring the heat with you.

But what really caught our attention was the line that’s bound to stir up some controversy: “I got it out the field, fu*k Russell.” Now, we can’t be sure if this is a clever wordplay, suggesting that Future’s success came from his own endeavors on the field, or if he’s taking a swipe at Russell’s football career. Either way, it’s a bold move, and we can’t help but appreciate the audacity.

“Turn Yo Clic Up” is just a taste of what we can expect from Quavo’s upcoming solo album, Rocket Power. Set to drop soon, this album holds a special meaning for Quavo, as he dedicates it to his late nephew and fellow groupmate, TakeOff. It’s an emotional tribute, laced with bangers and surprises, including this unexpected Future and Russell Wilson showdown.

Listen to the track here:

While we eagerly anticipate the release of Rocket Power. We can’t help but revel in the witty banter between Future and Russell. It’s a playful back-and-forth that reminds us that even in the glitz and glam of the music industry, celebrities are just like us – indulging in some friendly teasing and rivalry.

So, buckle up and get ready for more fiery lines, clever wordplay, and unexpected disses. As long as Future has something to say, we’ll be here, popcorn in hand, enjoying the show.

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