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#FMSpotlight: Ann Marie – ‘Pain Never Looked This Good (Day) & Night)’



Photo Courtesy of Ann Marie's Team

Ann Marie’s PAIN NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD: (DAY ) & ( Night ) is two sonically alluring albums that dig deep into topics about love, loss, and leveling up! Comprised of 17 tracks in total, both versions see Ann Marie laying her heart on the line. Rooted in R&B and trap elements, the “Around” songstress crosses between an ethereal pitch, melodic flow, and concrete rhymes. Songs like “STFU” and “No Opp Zone” put females praying for her downfall in place. Like she says in the aforementioned track, “We ain’t in the same lane, let along the same tax bracket.”

“Don’t Waste Your Time,” “Can’t Give It Up,” and “Stranger Danger,” to name a few, reflect on a waning relationship. In other words, Marie throws in the towel after giving her all and not getting the same.

“Link Up (feat. Pretty Savage)” and “Fed Up (feat. Tink)” showcase how your greatest pains can be your greatest strengths in disguise. 

She told Raydar Magazine,

“Pain Never Looked This Good is a self-explanatory title,” the singer-songwriter shares. “It means exactly that! Growing up on the south side of Chicago with seven siblings and a single mother was just half the battle. I’ve been through so much, but somehow I always made that shit look good. No matter what or how bad I was hurting, I never let it stop me from becoming who I knew I was destined to be.”

Both projects show how Ann Marie has climbed through several obstacles and has come out victorious. In “Pain Never Looked This Good,” she even says, “Pain ain’t never looked this good, I’ve through Hell/But I’ll always bet on myself.” 

One standout song on the project is “Till We Meet Again,” which thoroughly explains what it’s like to lose someone who’s gone too soon. Over a harp-led R&B/trap offering, Marie sings about an individual who she was “supposed to make it together,” with “but for now I’m sendin’ Heaven this letter ’til we meet again.” 

In nearly four minutes, the singer expresses how tough it’s been to keep pushing through since their absence. Crooning in an engaging dialogue, Ann Marie sings, “It’s been hard to move on/Hey, but I’m holdin’ on/I know you’re watchin’ so I gotta be strong.” Afterward, she reminisces on the sweet moments they’ve shared together.

“‘Member when you used to sit on the block/Talked about we gon’ get to the top.

As the song progresses, Marie speaks about how this person’s death affected her and their loved ones. Their children haven’t accepted the fact that their parent has deceased. Yet, Marie continues to hold the fort down. Once in a while, she wishes to have one more chat with this individual. Likewise, Marie lets it be known that they’ll always be in her thoughts and prayers.

She sings, “Damn, man, you know your kids need you more/They still be askin’ me when you comin’ home/There’s some times I just don’t know what to say/’Cause they been askin’ what I been thinkin’ to say.” 

As per her statement, she’s now a free agent. She showcases her soft side and heartbreak anthems on DAY, while highlighting her lyrical prowess and underscoring the intensity/aggression of the city where she was raised with NIGHT.

Listen to both albums below:

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