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Joey Bada$$ Talks to Apple Music About The New “2000” Album, TikTok



Joey Bada$$ Talks to Apple Music About The New 2000 Album, TikTok
Joey Bada$$. Image source: Prince Williams/FilmMagic.

Multitalented Joey Bada$$ officially has a brand new project and some exclusive details about his life to share. 

Joey Bada$$ has finally dropped the much-anticipated follow-up to his 2017 release “All Amerikkan Bada$$.” The 14-track record titled “2000” is described as “a body of work that further solidifies Bada$$ as both curator and MC.” 

“2000” features several big names like Diddy, Chris Brown, and JID. Friday’s exciting drop brought a cycle of promo with it, and Joey is starting with Apple Music’s New Music Daily

From “1999” To “2000” 

The “Infinity” rapper sat with DJ Zane Lowe this weekend to chat about “2000.” “It’s a very personal-sounding project,” Lowe noted at the beginning of the interview. Joey cosigns this and confirms the name being a direct reference to “1999,” his career-changing mixtape. “If “1999” was that come-up project, “2000” is that same kid just on the other side of the fence.” 

Obviously, “1999” made an impression for it to appear in interviews a decade after its release. Songs like “Survival Tactics” and “Waves” launched the then 17-year-old to national fame. 

10 years later, the life and industry experience has considerably matured Joey and his sound. “I had realized I been affected by this thing called survivors guilt. And it hits so close to home cause when I first came out, I was tryna bring everybody along with me,” Joey said, describing the album’s final track, “Survivors Guilt.” 

Joey made this song in honor of his close friend and collaborator MC Capital Steez, who tragically committed suicide in 2012.

The focus then shifted to another single, “Cruise Control.” The Mike WiLL Made-it produced track is a more positive addition to “2000” in a set list full of engrossing hard hitters. “Soon as I heard the beat man, it felt very aspirational, it felt ambitious, if felt reflective,” he said. “The feeling of it, it feels limitless, y’know. It feels like alright, man, I’m trusting in my faith [and] I’m leaping off the cliff with no safety net.”

“Focus on the bigger picture, tryna find a better way/’Cause I ain’t finna cut myself short/Money gettin’ longer but happiness never been bought/The type of shit I’ll teach to my daughter never was taught/To me when I was younger ’cause that shit wasn’t even a thought…”

Joey Bada$$ on the Stage and Screen

Joey Bada$$ is one of many artists finding a resurgence in TikTok. Specifically, his 2017 song “Love is Just a Feeling” has gone semi-viral, with over 12,000 videos using the sound. In a short time, TikTok has gone from a vessel for memes to an easy tool for celebs to regain traction. The East Coast hit-maker fully recognizes this newfound. power and gives credit where it’s due. “These kids, they keep my name alive,” he commented about his young online fan base.

His musical feats are popular now, but true fans of Joey Bada$$ also tune into his achievements on the screen. Lowe didn’t neglect the 27-year-old’s acting talents in the interview, and he was excited to delve right into it. “I was a theater student in high school,” the artist revealed. “I just felt more confident in music, so I told myself I’ll focus on music, and in the future, I’ll use that to leverage the acting. And here I am.” 

“Mr. Robot, Wutang: An American Saga” and “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” are just a few critically acclaimed shows Joey has starred in. Acting isn’t just a hobby or a side project for the New Yorker. It’s a passion, one that’s paying off in spades.

Remembering Your Roots

Of course, the inspiration traces back to fellow Brooklyn mogul Jay-Z, with a career this long and prosperous. “It’s a tie between Jay-Z and Biggie,” Joey said when asked who encouraged his rap career.

“I’m a Brooklyn kid; I’m Brooklyn born. So they were very instrumental throughout my childhood and musical upbringing,” The “1999” artist ended the interview with a tribute to his late friend MC Capital Steez. “Once I got older, I gotta say Capital Steez. He was my brother…And he was so incredibly talented and within proximity,” he explained.

“I grew up listening to the greats, but…we were colleagues, we were right amongst each other, so we always pushed each other’s pen.” On and off the track, Joey Bada$$ is determined to keep that legacy alive. That’s made clear by listening to “2000,” which you can stream now on Apple Music and Spotify.

“He by far pushed my pen the most. To this day, he pushes my pen.”

In addition to the album, take a look at Joey Bada$$ New Music Daily’s interview with Zane Lowe.

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