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#FMSpotlight: Jastin Artis – “Can’t Do Without Love” (Watch)



Justin Aris

Watch: Jastin Artis – ” Can’t Do Without Love”

Jastin Artis, the creator of hip-hop renaissance, dropped his song “Can’t Do Without Love” not too long ago. Moreover, it’s paired with a music video that stars his other half. Artis’ bars roll smoothly off his tongue like poetry. Not to mention, he adds in clever metaphors. 

In “Can’t Do Without Love,” the DMV-based musician wonders what women truly seek. Given the downfalls of relationships that he’s experienced in the past, Jastin Artis is wary of opening his heart again. He unveils what happened the last time he gave his all to someone else.

What do women want what they after?/every time I think I know a woman/I don’t a woman/Confused by women/Been abused by a woman/Accused of abuse/And not being there dang woman,” he spits. 

Following this, he assures the apple of his eye that he’s only investing in what they’ve built. 

He raps, “God made you/I’m faithful/Only date you/Homerun I’m brave for you/Rush down the highway/To save you.”

Deeper into the song, he ponders on the past and wonders if what he shared with another was genuine. He analyzes the feelings and outcomes of both good and bad situations.

In the second verse, he explains what happens from a man’s POV when arguments get heated. Instead of blowing a gasket, a real man cools off and finds various solutions. 

After, he expresses why he’s in tune with this special someone, saying 

Decisive decisions make you a boss/Reject the sour entities of your being underneath/a great man sees what you need.”

In the end, he declares that if a partnership doesn’t bring him peace, he doesn’t want it. 

He delivers, “I’d rather be alone than coupled with drama/I’ma test love like a Tesla crash from trauma.”

The beat is backed by a sweet electric guitar and piano.

Make sure to check out “Can’t Do Without Love” on all streaming platforms.


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