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#FMSpotlight: Kai Ca$h ft. Capella Grey-Round & Round



Kai Ca$h at Music Choice. Photo: Getty Images

Up and coming New York artist Kai Ca$h just dropped a video to his hit “Round & Round” featuring Capella Grey.  He released the Dizzy Banko produced single in October of last year.  Kai Ca$h is giving us a sound we haven’t heard in quite some time.  “Round & Round” is reminiscent of R&B tracks in the early 2000s.  A feel-good song, Kai nails the verses as Capella Grey elevates the song with his hook.

Round & Round

The Brooklyn native wants to continue to make songs like “Round & Round” throughout his career.  He says he came up with the idea of the song while listening to the original version.

“The thought of Round and Round came to me one night listening to the original song produced by Hi-Tek.  I hit Dizz up and got in the lab to put it together asap!  I wanted to keep the ball rolling on this Hip-Hop and R&B vibe I have going…my intent is to make Hip-Hop music feel good again.”

Just like the songs says, in the music video you can see Kai Ca$h going through it with his lady, but it never lasts for long.  Although they fuss and fight, they both ultimately come together to make up, but that doesn’t last long either.  It’s like a never-ending cycle as they keep going around and around.

Up Next

Since 2021, Kai Ca$h has been on a run.  He dropped his album, 711, in January of 2021 that featured seven tracks.  He followed up 711 with the deluxe in July adding five more songs, featuring the popular song “Helen Keller” with CEO Trayle.  In 2022, Kai Ca$h released the follow up to his deluxe version of 711 with 711 Anniver$Ary.  The 17-track album is home to his most streamed song on Spotify, “The West” featuring 03 Greedo and King Combs.  It has hit over 5 million streams!

To start this year off, the Brooklyn artist has a feature verse on “By My Side” by Nieman.

Check out the “Round & Round” video below.

Written by: Brandon Simmons

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