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#FM Artist Spotlight

#FMSpotlight: Rick B ft. Cliquot Geno, Cheffrey & DiceMoney – “Demons”



New Jersey-based rapper, Rick B, proves that you can get anything accomplished if you just put your mind to it in his latest single, “Demons.” Assisted by musicians, DiceMoney, Cheffrey, and Cliquot Geno, “Demons,” focuses on their past successes, despite the evil energy surrounding them. The lyrics at hand also follow the phrase, “stay solid, never fold.” 

The first artist to lay down some bars in “Demons” is DiceMoney, who speaks about his exclusive drip and having the same go-getter mentality as his day ones. 

“Receipt be so long when we walk out the store, looks like we were in Target/And we gotta get it regardless,” he raps in auto-tune. “I know that my niggas is all in/All of my niggas is just getting shit started.” 

The third feature, Cheffrey speaks about getting to the bag and addresses the haters, saying he’s aware of whos there and who is not. He even leaves a warning for those who try stepping up to him,

“And get the bag, mic check/And I fill in the tax/They don’t romp with guns in the backpack/All my niggas ain’t really for the chit-chat/But about that every for the act.”

As the song continues, Rick B speaks about his unwavering grind and handling those who doubt that he speaks on what he raps about. Additionally, the “Fuck Up A Check” lyricist says that regardless of what’s happening in his life, he’ll weather the storm.

“But time waits for no man so here goes the grind/Bitch I’m the Goat I done made my mind/Hoe you need proof?/Watch how I shine/I’ll get you hooped when I call up my guys,” he spits with a fast cadence. 

Cliquot Geno showcases a deep-toned register in the song’s bridge. 

Sonically, “Demons” is a trap offering that pairs eerie piano loops with steady hi-hats and knocking 808’s. 

Listen to “Demons” by Rick B ft. Cliquot Geno and DiceMoney below:


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