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#FMTrends: Casanova 2X Talks Dirty on Go Best Friend (Audio)





 Casanova 2X Talks Dirty on Go Best Friend

Casanova 2X  with his very distinctive voice goes in on his latest single “Go Best Friend”. Cas who is better known for is rap sheet and being the real definition of a Gangsta Rapper, is showing a little versatility and giving the ladies some attention with his raunchy new single “Go Best Friend”. The goon stripper anthem, produced by Jahlil Beats has a Brooklyn bounce (gritty but twerk worthy); you get the point!

“So, where them girls with the fat ass and pretty faces?
I know you look good, but I wonder how it tasted
Hope is like peach to a cream – wait –
Let me introduce you to my team…”@fresh__2x (instagram)

“Go Best Friend” was an instant hit and has been getting air time on NYC radio but is definitely not the first hit to take off for Cas and I can bet money it wont be the last.  “Don’t Run”, “Line Me”, and “The Old 50” were a few of the singles we’ve heard from Cas, and he recently mentioned collaborations with Jadakiss; looking forward to that track.

The Flatbush native who’s reputation speaks for itself is making his mark and gaining a lot buzz for his purposeful presence in Hip Hop. The best part of Casanova’s story is where he is in the present day. Landing a deal with Memphis Bleek’s Warehouse Music Group after beginning his  rap career  just a year ago.  Casanova might just be what has been missing from Hip Hop in its most recent years; authenticity. In a recent interview with HipHop DX Casanova explained “You hear ‘Boom boom boom’ everybody getting shot but really dudes not shooting nobody, I can say I shot people because I went to jail for it but these dudes that are rapping these days are really not what they say they are.”

The type of energy you create with your music will create the type  character you carry throughout your career, Casanova  is proving that the energy he’s bring is coming from a place that demands respect and good vibes only! After going through enough in life you have to find a way to flip it and make your past work in your favor. After all, that was the point of the obstacles anyway; how ironic.

Check out Casanova Go Best Friend on Soundcloud (Link below)

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