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#FMTrends: Casanova 2x and Preemo Wanna Know “Wut U Said???”



Photo Credit: Youtube

Casanova 2x and Preemo Wanna Know “Wut U Said???”

Boom boom boom FM Trendsetters! New York, we have another one! What do you get when “one of the best yet” legendary Brooklyn DJ mixes up with another fellow Brooklyn emcee? No we are not talking about Gangstarr (R.I.P. Guru).  No, not another Jay-Z collaboration.  Friday, DJ Premier dropped another epic banger with one of the most rugged new stars from Flatbush.  Roc Nation‘s own Casanova is drafted for the street gang gang bang banger, “Wut U Said???“.  This is definitely for the streets, by the streets.  We asked for this New York.  You asked for this Brooklyn. If you were living under a rock this weekend,  you are not a fan of hip hop if you did not witness this.

Photo Credit: Instagram

The beat starts off heavy.  The snares bring the darkness and drama to the sick verses of the Set Trippin Brooklynite.  In the background, you can hear the sampled infamous DMX growls.  Also a whole lot of mixing from DJ Preem himself, showing he never lost it.  This track is so classic New York.  The grime, the streets, reminiscent of M.O.P. and DMX all wrapped in one.  You gotta wear a smooth durag, Timberland boots and make sure a bulletproof vest is handy.  Every bar hits you in the jaw until it “knock your teeth out“.  Your head will keep bopping up and down until you need a neck brace.  That is how hard this track hits.  Casanova kills your eardrum with premeditated hyped up lyrics, followed by the credited “Boom, boom, boom” and gunshots all over the track. “I’m DMX, get at me dog” he screams. “What you said n***a?/With this gun to your head n***a? (Boom boom boom)/You a dead n***a/Hope that don’t go over your head n***a” haunts the hook.

Whomever Cas is referring to, just be glad it is not you.  Don’t let that go over your heads.


Listen to  “Wut U Said???” by DJ Premier ft. Casanova below:



Source:  Instagram/Payday Records Youtube Channel

Bruce Jackson Jr. |IG: @gameheavybrick  |Twitter: @gameheavybrick 


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