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#FMTrends: Offset and Cardi B’s new song “Um yea” (Video)




Offset and Cardi B’s new song “Um yea”

It’s finally here! Hip-Hops favorite couple Cardi B and Offset collaborated on a track earlier this week. Their latest track is from record label Quality Control’s new Control the Streets: Vol 1. called “Um Yea.” It’s only right the newlyweds made a song together because the new album features many artists such as Young Thug, Kodak Black, and Nicki Minaj.

Produced by DJ Durel, the track gives off 808s vibes. Offset gets on the track first, rapping:
“Don’t I look like the sh*t lil n*gga?/ Look at my motherf*ckin’ wrist lil n*gga/ Thought you had hits but you missed lil n*gga/ Why you keep staring at my b*tch lil n*gga?/ you lil n*ggas keep gossiping/ You should go work for the blogs and them/ Don’t f*ck with the gang they opposite/ pop at them n*ggas, apocalypse.”
Followed by the hook:
Um, yeah, you cannot stop it
Run up that bag, we gon’ go get a profit
Um, yeah, this no Monopoly
But we got colorful money and property
Um, yeah, what’s in your pocket?
The pocket rocket, please do not size me
Um, yeah, bored on the private
Boogers look snotty, I’m good on a thotty (thotty)
Cardi B finishes it off with:
“I’m in the spot these back b*tches is competing for (weak, who?)?Matter fact I’m that b*tch that really eating the most?/I’m with your n*gga’ cus he knows just how to treat a hoe/ Let’s all money in Spanish cus I can speak it in both/ I been balling kinda like when Derek Jeter rose (woo)” she raps.
According to XXL Magazine, it’s “A match made in Trap heaven.” The track already has more than 164 thousand views on YouTube in only two days! Check it out and leave a comment.

Listen to Offest and Cardi B’s “Um Yea” below




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