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#FMTrends: Young M.A. Don’t Need “Praktice” In Bars With New Banger [Link]



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Young M.A. Don’t Need “Praktice” In Bars With New Banger

Salutations FM Trendsetters!  Hope you did not put away your red clothes and shoes since the last article I wrote (YG – “Suu Whoop” music video).  I guarantee you and any other fans of the Brooklyn femcee Young M.A. will be about that “Red Lyfe“.  Especially after hearing this new banger from the Ouuu rapper.  In my Allen Iverson voice, ” Y’all talking about practice? Y’all talking about practice???”  The repetitious line from A.I.’s infamous 2000 interview (in which he says the word ‘practice’ 21 times).  This concept is revisited, as it is used as the montage for the hot song “Praktice“.   The femcee cleverly uses this as the melodic bridge to complement the constant bars.  And yes, there is a lot of “Blood” references and “Suu Whoop” in the song.  So please make sure you rock red Beats headphones while rocking all red, with a red Iverson basketball jersey,  and ’96 Red Toe Reebok Questions.  The track produced by Puff Daddy’s Hitman Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson and super producer crew Buda and Grandz will bless your eardrums.  Warning: Your head might come off from constant head bopping.  Seriously, it is that good!


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In this heat rock, Young M.A. spits about the Red Lyfe entourage, in which she is general, as well as going so hard they do not need practice (Warning: Explicit Lyrics):

“..Who said I don’t go hard? B***h, I go so hard
I don’t care who got it, we still in charge
Fuck these hoes, f**k these broads, I don’t got no time (no)
Do you see my pockets (yeah), I’m doin’ just fine
Don’t call my line, don’t call my line (don’t call it) if you ain’t talkin’ checks (what?)
Oh you tryna flex? (What?) We are not impressed
Bankrolls in my sweats, hitters to my left (woo, woo)
Pull up to the club (skrrt), f**k it up, then we left (skrrt) …”




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