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Future On Becoming The First Soundcloud Artist With 10M Followers: “Thank U”



Future. Image source: Prince Williams/Wireimage.

Future Hendrix is the first artist off to reach 10 million followers on Soundcloud. The artist left Big Sean and Young Money behind with their 9.5M and 8.47M followers. Hendrix also shared the achievement on Instagram and thanked the fans with sincere words and emojis.

Future Is The First Soundcloud Artist With 10M Followers

Future’s social media response to the exciting news. Image source: Future’s re-post of an Instagram story.

Future didn’t post any songs on his Soundcloud account for the past thirteen months. Regardless, Hendrix’s achievement doesn’t look very surprising.

After all, the artist was one of the Soundcloud pioneers. Future’s audience could not listen to the artist’s older albums anywhere but Soundcloud for a while. The artist also started publishing tracks on the social network long before Soundcloud rap emerged in 2015-2016.

The Biggest Future’s Soundcloud Trap-Hit

The most popular Future’s song on Soundcloud is “Trap N***as” from the “DS2” album. The composition now has 96.5 million streams.

Future’s Soundcloud-famous song also has a commentary to it. Available in the premium version on Soundcloud and for free on YouTube, it’s a minute-long speech. Hendrix talks about the own trap-anointment while bringing up the equation of great power and great responsibility.

Gunna, Future & Young Thug Collab: “Come On DS4”

While Future is beating the new Soundcloud records, Gunna announces the collab with him. Gunna, Future, and Young Thug are soon releasing the song together. Gunna made the announcement on his Instagram. He also wrote, “Come On #Ds4” in the caption.

The minute-long video features many people in the building, which looks like a house with a pool. Gunna also calls something “precise” and claims to be “straight-up precise with this shit.” The cover shows a night city and giant “DS4” letters with red borders in the middle.

A couple of years ago, the artist already released a collaboration. “Unicorn Purp” came out in 2019 on Future’s “The Wizrd” album.

Written by Nikita Serdiuk.

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