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“Genshin Impact” Character Hu Tao’s Rap Segment Draws Criticism From Fans



Genshin Impact Hu Tao's Rapping Draws Criticism
Hu Tao from "Genshin Impact." Image source: YouTube.

Rap is such a powerful influence on culture that it appears in almost any form of entertainment. The genre has experienced a boom in popularity over the years, appearing in popular culture media and video games. In “Genshin Impact,” a Chinese video game, players are on a journey through Teyvat, an expansive, dynamic universe filled with life. From another world, you and your sibling have arrived in Teyvat. 

Following your separation from an unknown god, your power being stripped away, and your putting into a deep slumber, you are now awoken to a world significantly different from what you were familiar with.

Throughout Teyvat, you will embark on an expedition searching for answers that can be found among The Seven, the gods of every substance. Become engrossed in the mystery of Teyvat as you explore this wondrous world, team up with a diverse cast of characters, and discover everything Teyvat has in store.

An event called the Lantern Rite Festival is currently taking place as part of “Genshin Impact’s” celebration of Chinese New Year. With this event, players can earn a wide range of rewards and participate in entertaining in-game content, such as more stories and mini-games that include solo and multiplayer gameplay. In addition, players will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Teyvat and its culture through original songs and engaging missions.

There Is Dissatisfaction Among “Genshin Impact” Fans

One aspect of this game did not go over well with many fans. One of the characters from “Genshin Impact,” Hu Tao, a beloved pyro-goth girl who is also a poet and a funeral home director, believes that she can rap. A crowd gathers as she performs “The Blaze Lilies” with Xinyan, another pyro girl who is nothing short of an icon.

It began with Xinyan playing her trademark electric guitar and singing the opening notes of a classic rock ballad, followed by Hu Tao rapping in a manner that could only be described as an utterly lyrical nightmare. But despite the cringe-worthy rap, Hu Tao and Xinyan had the crowd captivated and in awe of their energetic performance.

“Guidin’ your way,” her lyrics croon as the camera swings around her, “To the afterlife / Openin’ the path without a fright. Oh!” As the song builds rapidly to its conclusion, the gap between her lyrics and the beat rapidly closes.


Generally, “Genshin Impact” fans share the same opinion. It is still being determined whether the English dub suffered from poor translations of the original Chinese lyrics (Hoyoverse is based in China), poor voice direction, or poor vocal editing. Many fans expressed dissatisfaction with the English version, resulting in social media posts expressing their opinions.

“Hu Tao has hidden talent 🔥🔥 She should keep it hidden 💯,” iBe_Vybin wrote in response to Hu Tao’s disappointing rap performance. 

The video has received over 700 comments on YouTube, most of which are statements in all caps and emojis stating how poor the rap is. “No autotune, no mixing, JUST STRAIGHT A**🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥She taking over 2023 😤😤,” grix wrote.

While the Chinese version of the rap sounds better, the Japanese and Korean versions do as well, which is why some believe that Hu Tao’s vocals have not gone through appropriate editing for the English dub.

Who Is The Voice Actor For Hu Tao?

Brianna Knickerbocker, Hu Tao’s English voice actress, recently covered a fan song as herself, and the rap verse seems to be in accordance with the music. When the English language is appropriate to the track, Brianna is indeed capable of rapping. 

While Brianna is usually a voice actress, she can show off her skills in a different medium when the context calls for it. It’s like a painter who can expertly render a portrait or a sculptor who can craft an exquisite figure.

“Genshin Impact” Continues To Receive Acclaim

It is unlikely, however, that a single poor performance will damage the reputation of Hu Tao or “Genshin Impact” fans. While she’s not rapping, she makes for a solid member of your team’s pyro team. Nevertheless, Hu Tao and “Genshin Impact” still deserve all the praise and appreciation they’ve garnered in the past – they have earned their fans’ trust, and Hu Tao’s performance is only a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of things. As a bonus, the game’s soundtrack has been lauded for its quality, providing players with a means to relax and enjoy the game.

Besides Hu Tao’s controversial “The Blazing Lilies” rap solo, “Genshin Impact” continues to be one of the most profitable mobile games globally, consistently bringing in $1 billion every six months. In Q1 2022, average monthly active users worldwide increased by approximately 44 percent year over year, indicating a high level of engagement. As a result, “Genshin Impact” shows no signs of slowing down; it continues to be a global phenomenon, captivating both old and new players.

Written by Nikiya Biggs | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Edited by Nikita Serdiuk 

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