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Hip-Hop Industry Icon Angie Martinez on GMA: Talks Hip-Hop and “Soul of A Nation” Special



Today, June 19, iconic radio personality Angie Martinez sat down with ABC’s Good Morning America to discuss the upcoming “Soul of a Nation” special and hip-hop.

Angie Martinez On GMA

There is no one more fitting than Angie Martinez to speak on the historical and monumental 50-year marker in Hip-hop history. Today June 19, Martinez relaxed into a conversation with GMA host Deborah Roberts. She was there to discuss the importance of hip-hop to her and the culture. She eloquently explaining the profundity of its massive impact on her life and long-standing career. Amazingly, in the opening minutes, viewers were taken back by a video clip of a younger Martinez testing the waters of hip-hop with other iconic artists. It was a throwback from an earlier period in hip-hop and a marker of Martinez’s presence in the industry.

Martinez Raps About Hip-Hop

Martinez dove into the history of women and hip-hop and the growth that has come about. But it was only a brief mention as a precursor to a much more extensive discussion on the horizon. She also briefly explored the growth and shifts in hip-hop from various aspects ranging from fiscal responsibility to inclusivity. One phrase to sum up the personality’s sentiment regarding hip-hop is a reference to the old Virginia Slims tagline: “We’ve come a long way, baby.” There aren’t many who would disagree.

Martinez On Something Special for the Culture

Martinez was not there to merely dive into the history of hip-hop. Second on her agenda was promoting the upcoming ABC Soul of a Nation presentation “@ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections” to debut tonight, June 19, at 10 pm. “@ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections” is special in which Martinez serves as executive producer. It is a once-in-a-lifetime signature commemoration. The show will celebrate an extraordinary moment in time, the intersection of three fundamental observances: Juneteenth, Black Music Month, and 50 years of Hip Hop. As Martinez told Roberts on GMA, this offering is unique. It’s not merely a historical overview of hip-hop, a trek down memory lane. As Martinez states, it is a dynamic look at,

“how far we’ve come, how far we’ve grown, and even more expansive conversations on topics such as social injustice and mental health.”

For fans of the culture, Black Music and Hip-hop tune in to see what all the talk is about. @ 50: Rhythms, Rhymes & Reflections, a “Soul of a Nation” presentation, airs tonight at 10 pm EDT time on ABC and on Hulu on June 20.

Written By: Renae Richardson

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