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“I Hate YoungBoy”: Boosie Badazz Responds To The Condemnation He Received From NBA Youngboy



I Hate YoungBoy, @GGYOUNGBOY/twitter

NBA YoungBoy raps like he has no stake in the outcome. With his music, he projects a bravado reminiscent of somebody who doesn’t seem to be concerned about potential repercussions. For example, the Baton Rouge native’s latest single, “I Hate YoungBoy,” is loaded with disparaging remarks aimed at his rivals.

YoungBoy’s song made its debut in February, within hours of Lil Durk’s “AHHH HA” single, in which he directed a few lines at YoungBoy. In doing so, the 22-year-old rapper called out Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Boosie Badazz, and 21 Savage, among others. “Feel like Boosie don’t even like me,” YoungBoy raps. “B***h, don’t call my phone (F**k you).”

Boosie’s Song Responding To The “I Hate YoungBoy” Rapper

Apparently, fellow Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz has come back with his song titled “I Don’t Call Phones I Call Shots,” in which he asserts, “If you felt that way why didn’t you call me on my phone number?/Don’t speak on me no more, you know I don’t go for that/Keep it real dog, you a h*e for that.”

The Consciousness of Your Surroundings

Considering Boosie’s recent interview with VladTV, he’ll probably keep his complaints to himself. In response to our inquiry regarding the Kodak Black shooting in West Hollywood last month, Boosie wasn’t too keen on discussing the subject. However, he did explain how he moves whenever he visits Los Angeles.

“I don’t know if that was the situation, but when I’m out in public, you always gotta be worried about [things] when you develop a past like that,” he said. “That’s why my most peaceful times [are] at my crib. When I’m out in the street, regardless of what I’m doing, I’m looking over my shoulder. I got a life of looking over my shoulder.”

Previously Defending NBA YoungBoy

Boosie Badazz and NBA YoungBoy have taken a bizarre turn in their relationship with the back-and-forth shots. As Wendy Williams dragged YoungBoy for his weapons arrest on her talk show in March 2021, Boosie spoke out to support him. His support even extended to calling for YoungBoy’s release from prison.

Written by: Nikiya Biggs


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