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Impact On The Rap Game; Nicki Minaj Scribbled Out Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion In Screenshot



Nicki Minaj
Image Source: @nickiminaj/Instagram

On Tuesday afternoon, rapper Nicki Minaj gave thanks for a HotNewHipHop article about her. The piece is titled Why Nicki Minaj Is One of the Greatest of All Time. Joshua Robinson wrote an Op-Ed discussing Nicki’s rise within the music industry and the huge impact she has on rap. Moreover, this is even more true when she is out of the spotlight.

Nicki’s Impact on Hip-Hop

“Yet, what’s most astonishing and powerful about Nicki’s impact on Hip-Hop is her presence and, sometimes, the lack thereof,” Robinson writes. “Whether she’s going on an unexpected freestyle or guest-feature run, giving a rare interview, or speaking her mind in a wild Twitter rant, Nicki Minaj’s presence — be it aural, digital, or visual — is absolutely enthralling, and when she’s on hiatus, you can tell. Despite the welcomed contributions of women like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion City Girls, and Doja Cat over the past few years, female rap still feels incomplete without Nicki Minaj’s presence and output, and that alone illustrates how important she is to Hip-Hop, as a genre, and as a culture.”

Nicki Minaj posted this passage along with a praying hands emoji and a few eyebrow-raising edits to social media. According to the screenshot posted on her Twitter, her fellow female artists’ names have been scribbled without reason.

Screenshot of post from HotNewHipHop for Nicki Minaj. Nicki scribbled other female artists from the post. Image Source: @NICKIMINAJ/Twitter 

Fans Reactions

In addition, this move instantly divided fans. However, some saw it as amusing, while others viewed it as pointless and unneeded. Furthermore, the Nicki vs. Cardi beef has been around for some time. However, her claimed issues with the other acts draw less attention. Therefore, this is either because the feud ended fast or because one of the parties wouldn’t admit anything had happened.

In conclusion, neither Cardi, Megan, City Girls, nor Doja Cat reacted to Nicki’s post. Likewise, their own fan bases have plenty to say about it. Check out some of the reactions below.

Do you agree with Nicki Minaj’s decision to remove her fellow female artists from the screenshot?

Written by Nikiya Biggs

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