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India Arie Strikes Out at the Music Industry, “TRASH. It steals from artists”



India Arie Speaks Out About the Music Industry

Sometimes a walk down memory lane brings peace. Other times it brings anger. And yet, sometimes it brings both. Lashing out in a post yesterday, India Arie harshly criticizes the music industry. The RnB artist has focused her work on empowerment, one of her stand-out songs is, “I Am Not My Hair,” which criticizes conventional standards of beauty.  In 2017 she released “Breathe,” a song about the killing of Eric Garner in support of BLM. Clearly, she’s never been shy about expressing her true feelings or drawing attention to movements she is passionate about. Something snapped yesterday and the result is immortalized on social media. India Arie’s scathing comments reference her early experiences in the music industry. An industry she calls, “SHEER and utter trash.”

India Arie’s 10-Year Challenge

The 10-year challenge has been flooding social media in recent weeks. It asks individuals to post a picture of themselves now, and a picture from 10 years ago. The goal of the challenge is to demonstrate personal growth, successes, and general positivity. India Arie reportedly participated in the challenge earlier this week. Yet, her post wasn’t particularly positive.


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Instead, the artist took the opportunity to draw attention to a social issue: The mistreatment of artists in the music industry. She starts off combative, “seeing old pictures reminds me of how TRASH the music industry is.” Arie elaborates, emphasizing the industry’s tendencies towards racism, sexism, and deceit. Without specifically detailing her experiences, she explains that they have forever altered who she is as a person. Then, she turns the post on its head by thanking the industry, despite its immoral activities. India Arie is confident in who she is, and is glad to be that person; despite the “high cost,” she feels, “the journey was all meant to be.”

A Common Sentiment

India Arie isn’t the first to express dissatisfaction with the music industry lately. It seems more and more artists are coming forward with stories of their negative experiences. Lil Xan, for example, recently accused his manager of enabling his drug addiction while on tour. As more artists start sharing their negative experiences with the industry and as new technologies allow artists to sidestep conventional paths to success, we may see a musical Renaissance. Who do you think is going to come forward next?

By Chris Colasurdo
@cfcolasurdo on Twitter

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