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Irv Gotti Recalls How Ashanti Broke His Heart.



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Ashanti-Irv Gotti-Nelly. Image via Getty/ Paras Griffin

Irv Gotti recently opened up about his relationship with Ashanti on the drink champs podcast and talked about his heartbreak when he learned the latter was having a little thing with the American Rapper Nelly.

Ashanti and Nelly are pictured together. Image via TheSource

Irv’s Confession

After nearly a decade, the American rapper revealed his past relationship with her former partner Ashanti. During the interview, I admitted he was still in love with her while she was seeing Nelly. He added :

“I could get past you want to be with Nelly. Listen, at the time, it happens, any man is hurt. The chick that you f**kin’ are in love with is with this n***a.”

The CEO of Murder Inc. Records uncovered this while he was watching the NBA match on TV. He caught this by surprise and thanked god for opening his eyes to the truth. As a matter of fact, they did deny their affair, but this doesn’t restrain Ashanti from having a liaison with Nelly. As the rapper said himself :

“Me and Ashanti never officially were together. We were chilling. It was never official like, ‘Yo, that’s my girl.’”

Gotti and Ashanti’s relationship

Irv Gotti and Ashanti together. Image via Getty/

While dating rumors kept speculating about the ”What’s Luv” singer and Ivr in the early 2000s, the two never confirmed it publicly. Although for the media, the pairs appeared to be more than just collaborators. At some point in time, some gossip was circulating about the two planning their wedding. Their little fling began when she signed to Irv’s company, Murder Inc.Records. Gotti took it even more seriously during an interview with Hot 97’s Funk Flex once, implying that they are hooking up. Although that being said, the rapper made it clear that the 21-year-old singer wasn’t behind his split from his ex-wife. He added :

“Contrary to what anyone thinks, Ashanti had nothing to do with the demise of me and Deb; I was off the fucking hook and Deb kicked me out of the house … So now, I’m basically living in the studio, I’m still wildin’ out … and, you know”

After his divorce in 2003, Ashanti and Nelly confirmed their relationship the very same year at the 45th Annual Grammy Awards but unfortunately put an end to it in 2013. Gotti confessed that he was green with envy seeing these two stars together, so much that he prevented her from making an appearance in one of the celeb’s music videos. He added :

“They were in a video, it was that ‘Country’ video. I think he put Ciara in it, but at first, it was Ashanti in it. He called me because, you know, she’s my artist. And I was like, ‘Remove her from that fucking video, dawg. You understand?’ Which could’ve been salty on my part.”

Things acted out of anger or jealousy can never prove to be good. Well, let’s stay tuned to know what Nelly and Ashanti have to comment about.

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Written by Satina Bungsy

Passionate Writer & Musician

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