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Jack Harlow Takes The Virtual Stage



Jack Harlow Virtual Stage Takeover
Jack Harlow No Place Like Home: VR Concert. Image source: William Wark.

Meta has joined forces with Range Media Projections, Jack Harlow, and Media Monks to deliver an unparalleled virtual concert experience. The anticipation for this unique event is nothing short of thrilling and electrifying.

Jack Harlow’s Meteoric Rise

Jack Harlow, a widely recognized artist, has charted his course, building a dynamic career in the music industry. His success has been well-earned. The artist began exploring music at a young age. And he dedicated years to refining his voice and shaping his unique identity.

As noted by Billboard, “It was a full half-decade before any sort of mainstream recognition. His gifts as a technical rapper who gravitates toward a brassy punchline were clear. But he needed a few projects to gestate and evolve.”

After diligently working to perfect his craft, he arrived.

 Dominating the Charts and Mainstream Success

In 2020, everything started falling into place for Harlow. The track “What’s Poppin” gained widespread attention on social media. Its crossover success on streaming platforms and radio secured him a spot in the top ten on the Hot 100. From there, Harlow strategically elevated the song’s impact by collaborating with notable hip-hop artists Tory Lanez, DaBaby, and Lil Wayne. This savvy move propelled the song higher up the charts.


As per Billboard, “When the new version pushed to No. 2 on the Hot 100, Harlow became an even more visible artist in mainstream hip-hop, with a couple of A-list co-signs now in his back pocket.”

Before long, Harlow had become a household name and a standout talent in the music industry.

Jack Harlow’s Exclusive Virtual Concert

Following Harlow’s remarkable success, he has amassed a dedicated fan base. This year, enthusiasts will get an exclusive chance to witness Harlow in a fully immersive virtual setting. This all goes down on January 4th at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. The global audience will have the opportunity to partake in “Jack Harlow: No Place Like Home: VR Concert.” The event will unfold exclusively in Meta Horizon World’s Music Valley. Attendees won’t just enjoy a fully immersive concert experience. They will also be treated to a special documentary. Those with a Metaquest VR headset can RSVP for this unique presentation.

A Must-See Event

Rarely does an occasion arise where fans can experience a live concert featuring their favorite artist from the cozy confines of home. However, such an extraordinary opportunity is on the horizon. Please mark your calendars for January 4th, 2024, for an electric experience.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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