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Jam Master Jay “Co-Conspirators” To Speak Against Murder Assailants



Jam Master Jay
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According to prosecutors, they intend to present a solid case for the murder of Jam Master Jay, a member of the Run-DMC group.  It has come to light that two men have pleaded guilty to murder for the killing of Jam Master Jay. He was shot inside his Queens, New York studio in Oct. 2002.

Ronald “Tinard” Washington, a long-time associate of Jay’s and Karl “Lil D” Jordan, allegedly attacked him in the studio. A possibility arose of Jay losing his life after refusing to participate in a drug deal with Washington. Jason Mizell, aka Jam Master Jay, purchased 10 kilograms of cocaine from a dealer in the Midwest and delivered drugs in Maryland.

More Details Regarding The Killing Of Jam Master Jay

According to prosecutors, Washington came into the studio and covered Jordan. Jordan appears to have been the gunman who killed Jam Master Jay. Jordan was 18 at the time of the murder. In August 2020, prosecutors charged Washington and Jordan with the crime nearly two decades after Jam Master Jay’s murder.Furthermore, Jordan allegedly dealt kilogram-level quantities of cocaine as well. He provided cocaine base to undercover agents in some of those transactions, who recorded the sales. Both defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Karl Jordan Had Others Testifying For Him In Court

Additionally, last week, Jordan requested a judge to free him from the MDC jail in Brooklyn, New York. Jordan also gathered a bail package of $1 million, including assets from family members and a $20,000 donation.Jordan says two witnesses will testify on his behalf. He claims that at the time of Jam Master Jay’s murder, he was at the residence of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. An ex-girlfriend and an ex-correctional officer will testify in support of his alibi at the beginning of the trial. There will be a test of Jordan’s alibi – courtesy of unnamed “conspirators” who will testify against him during the upcoming trial.Jam Master Jay “Co-Conspirators” To Speak Against Murder Assailants

 Quotes From Attorney

“The evidence adduced at trial will be substantial, including eyewitness and co-conspirator testimony establishing Jordan’s relationship with Washington, his involvement in the underlying narcotics conspiracy, and his role as Mizell’s shooter,” United States Attorney Breon Peace wrote in opposition to Jordan’s request for bail.

Attorney continues…

“While Jordan claims that there is little evidence linking him to Mizell’s murder, he ignores the fact that a grand jury has heard evidence – twice – and voted an indictment charging him with these crimes,” Breon Peace added. AllHipHop reported that Jordan asked a judge to release him to house arrest pending his trial in the past week.

Accusations Against Jordan For Other Dangerous Crimes

Moreover, prosecutors claimed that Jam Master Jay’s killer was too dangerous for release in rebuttal to Jordan’s motion. The first point they made was his drug-dealing activities and his habit of carrying a firearm while selling drugs. Although he has no convictions for adult crimes, several violent incidents related to Jordan exist.Jordan has a history of firing a shot into the air. Eighty-three live rounds and one spent shell casing remained on the scene.

However, despite initially being charged with a felony, the only eyewitness didn’t give in. As a result, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.Similarly, Jordan shot an individual in the leg on Hollis Avenue in 2003.

As a result, the charges went away due to the victim’s refusal to cooperate. The victim was Jam Master Jay’s nephew, Boe Skagz. Karl Jordan Jr. was involved in a shootout on Farmers Boulevard on November 1, 2004. During the gun battle, bullets struck homes, vehicles, and even a church.Jam Master Jay “Co-Conspirators” To Speak Against Murder Assailants


Ultimately, the case was dismissed. In addition, the prosecution has accused Jordan of intimidating at least four witnesses in the Jam Master Jay case. Jordan is further facing charges of communicating with people illegally from prison. Authorities caught him with a contraband cell phone. Consequently, prosecutors have requested that Karl Jordan Jr. remains in jail pending the trial’s outcome.

Written by Nikiya Biggs 


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