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Jim Jones Slams Gucci Store For Alleged Racial Profiling



Jim Jones
Jim Jones went off on Instagram after he alleged he was racially profiled at a Gucci store.

Jim Jones went off on his Instagram account after allegedly being racially profiled at a Gucci store. He claimed that he’d been in the store for quite a while without any service.

“We been in Gucci for about an hour, right? And we in Gucci in the VIP, right? Since we came here, we haven’t seen no one come here and showed us no courtesy, no amenities. No nothing. Period. Not even a drink of water,” he said in the video. Jim also added that they requested to speak to the manager, to which they got no response. They sent me a black guy out here that start telling me some bullsh*t. So they go the black guy racial profiling black people.”

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But Jim Jones’ rant didn’t stop there. 

“I’m tired of this. We spending all this money as entertainers inside these stores. They hire these black people and they’re more racist than white people when they get jobs inside Gucci.”

The rapper later decided to switch stores and made his way to Bergdorf, where it appeared the customer service was way better. This is what he had to say, “Ask for @chrisoff5th if u shopping at Bergdorf they got the drip but most of all they got th hospitality and Champaign and Bergdorf water. He ask me if I was hungry ok I’m gassing it now but they had the Champaign and sparkling water.”


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Gucci’s Racial Profiling Didn’t Start With Jim Jones

This is not the first time Gucci has been accused of being racist towards black folk.  The luxury brand made headlines back in 2019 after being accused of using blackface in their apparel. Gucci released a sweater back which bore an uncanny likeness to “blackface.” 

The sweater in question was black, featuring a turtleneck with a pair of red lips that could be worn over one’s mouth. Now, if you know your history, you’ll remember that minstrel shows used “blackface” to mock African Americans for their facial features. What makes the whole issue even worse is, at the time, the sweater retailed at a whopping $890!

The brand immediately issued a public apology and announced they’d pulled down the offensive sweater from their stores and catalog.

Written by: Sheila Maina

Twitter: @nazlin_sheila

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